Wireless Network Tools

Use one of the tools below to diagnose and resolve Wi-Fi issues with your Brother device.

Network Repair

Repair offline printer and scanner connections on your Windows computer using the Brother Network Repair Utility.

Brother Network Repair icon with printer and magnifying glass

Network Assist

Using the Brother app on your mobile device, run a Network Scan to identify and resolve potential causes of network connectivity issues.

Compatible with iOS © and Android © devices.

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Wireless Network Tools FAQs

Each tool offers you the option to resolve Wi-Fi network and device offline issues for your Brother device.

Network Repair Tool is our Windows based tool that can automatically repair your Brother device’s network settings. If your Brother device is still connected to the Wi-Fi Network, the tool will assign the correct IP address to your Brother device and driver.

Network Assist is a mobile based application that can evaluate common reasons for printing and connectivity loss. After evaluating your environment, simply following Network Assist’s self-service troubleshooting steps for Windows, Mac OS® and mobile operating systems.

Brother offline issues may happen for various reasons. Upgrading your existing router, network settings or simply being connected to the wrong network such as a Guest Network or mobile Hotspot are just a few reasons that may cause your printer to appear offline. In many cases, your Brother device may still be connected to the network.

Use Network Repair or Network Assist to determine the machine status and resolve your issue. If you need further support, visit the Brother Office USA YouTube Channel or Product Support Center for more solutions.

Your Brother device may have an unsuitable IP address for your network. It sounds complicated, but it’s a common issue among any Wi-Fi device in your home. Before you start downloading new drivers or resetting your Brother device, download Network Assist from the App Store or Google Play Store. Run a network scan and review your results.

You may find the fix is as simple as rebooting your router or even the Brother device!

Additional Support Options

Video Support

Resolve issues using our Brother Office USA YouTube Channel.

Product Support Center

Brother offers a variety of FAQs to resolve device issues. Search our FAQs