ISO14001 Information

2004 Certification

As part of its efforts to responsibly coexist with the environment and to improve the environmental impact resulting from its activities by considering environmental issues in the marketing and sale of Brother Products in the Americas as part of the complete lifecycle of Brother Products, Brother has implemented an ISO 14001:2004 Certified Environmental Management System.


ISO 14001 is the international roadmap for proactively managing the environmental aspects of our business originated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO 14000 is not a single standard, but a series of standards and guidelines, all of which address some aspect of environmental management. Through ISO 14001, we demonstrate our commitment to pollution prevention, environmental regulatory compliance and continual improvement.

Brother International Corporation (BIC) and its subsidiaries is committed to maintaining its reputation with the Brother Group, employees, customers, vendors, and the community for being an environmentally responsible corporate citizen.BIC and its subsidiaries seek to responsibly coexist with the environment and provide a safe work place for our employees. Concern for the environment and the safety of our employees is a cornerstone of our activities. To that end, Brother is committed to the following principles:

  1. Setting environmental objectives and targets for our business. We will continually strive to improve the environmental impact of our business by measuring our performance against the objectives and targets that we set. Accordingly, the environmental objectives and targets shall be an integral part of our business decision-making processes.
  2. Complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations in every jurisdiction where we do business. Where laws and regulations do not exist, we will apply responsible standards.
  3. Promoting the prevention of pollution by always considering the efficient use of resources. We will evaluate the opportunities to recycle, reuse, reduce, refuse and reform resources throughout the life cycle of our products.
  4. Enhancing the environmental understanding and awareness of our employees and customers through activities such as environmental education and Public Relations. We will actively disclose our environmental efforts to our customers, local communities and other interested parties to further foster understanding.

We will periodically review this policy to insure its implementation and provide adequate resources.