craft room organization

Craft Room Organization

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A craft room should be a place of inspiration and exploration, where great ideas are born and skillfully shaped into tangible creative projects. But all too often, craft rooms can quickly become overrun with piles of paper, scraps of fabric, and heaps of imaginative odds and ends. Read on to learn how to organize your craft room to help ensure creativity and productivity in your workspace.

How can I organize my craft room?

If it feels like you’re surrounded by crafty clutter, organizing your craft room—and keeping it that way—may seem like a daunting task. But remember, you don’t need to overhaul your workplace in a day or even a week. Instead, follow these easy craft room organization ideas, and over time, your space will go from chaotic to tidy.

  • Be Selective: When it comes to DIY craft room organization, it’s the golden rule: Only bring in what you’re going to use. Even if those pink glitter pipe cleaners are adorable, if you can’t envision a project you’ll use them for, it’s best to pass them by. The same principle holds true when it comes to the supplies you already have. If you haven’t used something in years, it’s safe to assume you can get rid of it and free up the space for supplies you’ll actually need.
  • Have a System: Keeping your craft room under control means having an organizational system and sticking with it. Once you’ve pruned your supplies, the next step is sorting them by type and project. Be sure to keep your supplies within easy reach of their corresponding equipment; that means pins and thread should be near the sewing machine, while paints and paintbrushes should be kept near the easel.
  • Keep an Inventory: One of the best ways to know what you have and determine what you need is by keeping a master list—a full inventory of your supplies that you update regularly. Consider keeping your list on your cellphone for easy access while out shopping. This will help prevent those all-too-familiar situations where you have 10 of one thing and none of another.
  • Keep It Clean: Even the most well-organized craft room can devolve into disarray if you don’t tidy up after each project. Be sure to clean up right away, and for messy crafts like painting and anything involving glue, remember to safeguard your space with protective coverings, like mats, newspaper, and drop cloths.
  • Use Your Imagination: When it comes to organizing your craft room, your systems can be as creative, colorful, and unique as your creations themselves! Everyday household items like egg cartons and mason jars can be dressed up to double as storage, which is particularly useful if you’re looking for DIY craft room organization ideas on a budget. For smaller spaces, pegboards can keep important supplies on display and within reach. If you’re constantly thinking of new ideas, consider a chalkboard wall so you can capture each and every creative thought.

How can I make my craft supplies easy to find?

Tidying your craft room is one thing, but finding everything you need for a given project is another. That’s why it’s so important to label all your supplies.

In order to label your craft supplies, consider the P-touch Embellish Ribbon & Tape Printer. P-touch Embellish offers an array of labeling options via an assortment of colorful tapes and a selection of 14 fonts, 400+ symbols and emojis, 25 patterns, and more. It’s also the perfect creative tool for personalized ribbon crafting, enabling you to create unique satin ribbon projects that add a personal touch to any craft project, event, or occasion.

Another versatile craft room organization option is the Brother VC-500W Compact Color Label and Photo Printer. This innovative machine allows you to print amazing full color labels, photos, stickers, and more up to 2" wide and 17” long. The Brother VC-500W also makes it fun and easy to create personalized gifts, photo projects, party favors, scrapbooking, home decor, and more.

Regardless of which label maker you choose, remember that the goal of labeling your craft supplies is the ability to easily identify and access what you need and ensure that each item is returned to its designated spot. That way, you can truly put your craft room organizational system into action.

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