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Crafting With Kids – Kid-Friendly Craft Projects

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There are few experiences quite as fun and rewarding about creating something special with children. And luckily there are tons of DIY craft projects for kids that are quick, easy, and can get the whole family in touch with their creative side. Whether your son is still working with crayons or you’re looking to bond with a tween granddaughter, there are plenty of crafts for kids that everyone is sure to enjoy!

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What Are Good Crafts to Do With Kids?

Before you dive into crafting with kids at home, there are a few things you need to do. Once you’ve selected a craft that’s age-appropriate and kid-friendly, make sure you have all the necessary materials. Nobody likes being halfway through a great craft project only to find they’re missing an essential supply.

Also, keep in mind that with little DIYers, parental supervision is essential—some of these crafts require adult-operated tools and equipment. So be sure to read the instructions carefully and help them with the more challenging parts. It’s a wonderful way to bond and teach kids about teamwork!

Many crafts can also lead to a mess, especially when kids are involved. Designate a certain area just for crafting, making sure there’s nothing around that can be damaged or broken during the creative process. If you’re going to be working with anything that runs the risk of spills, lay down some old newspaper or a plastic bag—and keep a trash can handy to make clean-up easier!

slime kit

Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

Now comes the fun part: choosing the perfect parent-led and kid-approved craft! To give you a little inspiration so you can get started crafting, here are a few crafts for kids that everyone is sure to enjoy.

  • DIY Slime Kit: Kids love slime, and creating this kit is a great way to customize it just for them. They’ll love choosing the color of their slime, and seeing how all the simple ingredients add up to some messy fun. Labeling each ingredient helps kids learn words and stay organized at the same time.
  • Tooth Fairy Pillow:If your child has a loose tooth, that’s a cause for celebration -- and to start getting excited about a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Help your little one get ready by working with them to construct this adorable Tooth Fairy pillow. You can handle the cutting and sewing, while the kids pick out the colors and design of their special pillow.
  • Customized Crafting Tote: Keep all your crafting tools and projects organized and stylish with this unique and artistic crafting tote. Kids will delight in being able to design their tote, and adults in the family will appreciate keeping things neat and tidy.
  • Personalized Cards: Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just to brighten up someone’s day, everyone loves receiving a card. Have your kids get creative by crafting cards for friends, family, or even to each other!
  • Party Poppers: Let the kids blow off some steam with these exciting party poppers. The only thing they’ll love more than filling their creations with all sorts of confetti is seeing them explode everywhere! Just make sure the children play with these party poppers outside, unless you don’t mind cleaning up confetti afterwards.
  • Dance Bows with Rhinestones: Teens will adore creating these colorful and sparkly bows! They can customize them according to their own unique style, add rhinestones to catch the eye, and show off their craft to family and friends. You can also make these bows in school colors, or the colors of their favorite sports team to show off their spirit.