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Paper Cutting Crafts – Paper Die Cutting

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Are you ready to add flair and fun to your life with paper cutting crafts? Believe it or not, with some paper, the right tools, and a little imagination, you can make a wealth of original creations your family and friends will love. Read on to learn the fundamentals of paper cutting and get inspired to create your own paper cutting crafts.

What is Paper Cutting?

Paper cutting is the art of crafting designs out of paper. Paper cutting crafts are projects that involve precisely cutting paper in order to construct an assortment of different items. Centuries ago, crafters had to rely on knives and scissors to get the job done. But luckily, times have changed, and technology has come along to make paper cutting crafts faster, easier, and more fun than ever before.

With a paper cutting machine, such as a Brother ScanNCut machine, users have the ability to slice through even sturdy stock paper with precision, so each piece of paper comes out exactly as was intended. Some electronic cutting machines, like the Brother ScanNCut, even give you the ability to scan in text, designs, and logos of your own.

paper cutting

What Paper Do I Need for Paper Cutting Crafts?

In addition to a paper cutting machine, you’ll need paper that’s the right thickness for your specific project. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get gorgeous results from your paper cutting craft -- traditional construction paper can work wonders for many projects. That said, for durability and a professional final look, cardstock is hard to beat.

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What Can I Make With Paper Cutting?

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a new crafting challenge, there are many paper cutting projects for every experience level! Look around for inspiring patterns, and see where your imagination takes you.

  • Greeting Cards: Who doesn’t love getting a special card in the mail—particularly one that’s handmade! You can create colorful, unique cards for holidays, birthdays, or just to brighten someone’s day.
  • Paper plants: Want to add some plants to your home, but lack a green thumb? The good news is that this paper cutting craft lets you add beautiful paper flowers and greenery to your home without having to worry about remembering to water them. From delicate vines and daffodils to bonsai trees and even small bushes, your paper cutter can help you turn your home into a gorgeous garden.
  • Animal masks: If the kids (or the grown-ups) are acting wild, help them look the part! Have them pick out their favorite animals, and then use your paper cutting machine to create fun masks.
  • Pop-up book: For a more challenging project, why not use your paper cutting machine to create your very own pop-up book? You can create a simple story for children, or get ambitious and attempt to create a pop-up book inspired by your favorite movie or TV show. While not for beginners, this paper craft is an awful lot of fun and the end result is something you can share with family and friends for generations. Beginner and intermediate crafters may want to try their hand at making pop-up cards first.
  • Rolled Paper FlowersThis exquisite craft requires carefully rolling pieces of paper to form decorative blooms. Your paper cutting machine will come in handy, allowing you to create impressive works of art for everyone!

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