Artspira/Artspira+ FAQs

Artspira is available on mobile devices and tablets only at this time. It's an on the go editing application that allows you to create and wirelessly transfer designs to Brother WLAN or Bluetooth enabled machines (Embroidery, Cutting and Printing). Canvasworkspace is a PC and web-based editing application that’s for cutting machine users (ScanNCut and ScanNCut DX) only. PE Design is an advanced PC application for embroidery designs and digitizing. This software is great for a small business owner or an experienced embroider.

If you cancel the free trial early, you will not be charged.

No, but you will be able to use the app service for the rest of the term.

No, not at this time.

The first magazine of the month (including the projects) is free. The remaining 3 magazines of that month are part of the paid subscription (Artspira+).

No, for any Brother WLAN product you can connect to Artspira and use the free version.

No, Artspira+ is just the name of our paid plan. You will still use your Artspira app.

Artspira is an all-in-one design platform, allowing customers to connect up to four machines and transfer as many designs as they want!

Artspira is updated every month with new designs and projects.

You cannot upload licensed designs to Artspira as these file types are locked and must be used with a registered machine.

The free version of Artspira allows you to save 20 designs in my creations, in Artspira+ paid plan you can save up to 100 designs in my creations. If you downgrade from Artspira+ to the free plan you will have to select what designs to delete and designs, you created with paid plan won't be able to transfer them without enrolling in the paid plan again.

No, the CanvasWorkspace login option allows the customer to use the same login they use for CanvasWorkspace so they don’t have to remember one login for Artspira and one for CanvasWorkspace.

Contact customer service and they will help troubleshoot the issue, if they can't resolve they will escalate the issue.

Yes, since Artspira is for mobile devices and tablets, you can design anywhere and save then transfer your design later when you are on a local network or wifi.

Artspira is an all-in-one design platform, we encourage customers to check out the other categories and see how Brother products can complement one another for projects, crafts and more.

Cutting, embroidery and printing designs are all broken out into separate categories depending on the machine you have.

Please reach out to Apple / Google to solve your issue.

Anything with a crown icon is Artspira+ paid plan content, you must subscribe through account settings to enable.

No, Artspira is a cloud-based platform. You can transfer designs wirelessly to your machine but you cannot take them out of the app.

We will be sharing new feature announcements every couple of months, stay tuned!


Yes, Artspira can connect up to 4 machines


No, digitization is an Artspira+ paid plan feature, you will need to enroll into Artspira+ to transfer that design again.

Based on the tools & capabilities of digitizing, and cross-stitching software alone, not to mention all of the designs, you would easily pay up to $20-$50 dollars for other products.

No, you have full access to free version features like 500 cutting designs, 500 embroidery designs and 100 printing designs plus access to one Artspira magazine monthly. You can also transfer designs as many times as you want!

You have unlimited transfers; My Creations storage remains limited to 20 and paid for storage is up to 100.

  • Starting January 22nd 2024, the annual plan will be $119.99 per year (20% discount)
  • Locked in for 12 months with no refunds

Artspira+ is the premium paid subscription of our cloud-based design studio Artspira that we introduced in October 2023. Artspira+ was created with the goal of elevating and expanding key offerings inclusive of digitizing tools, cross-stitching, portrait conversion, and the advanced drawing tool for $12.99 per month.

We heard and understood that importing external designs is a priority for our users, so we are updating the app to offer this feature for all Artspira users free of cost.

The key differences are Artspira+ allows access to embroidery digitizing tools, cross-stitching, portrait conversion, advanced drawing tools and many more designs. The free version allows access to 500 embroidery, cutting, and printing designs as well as basic editing tools and embroidery drawing tool. You can also view your designs on your materials via the AR feature.

Tools and content exclusive to Artspira+ include:

  • Access to photo digitizing and cross stitching for embroidery compatible products.
  • Access to portrait conversion for printing compatible products.
  • Access to some designs that can be used to commercial purposes.

Yes, you can find a side-by-side comparison chart at for a detailed breakdown of features.

At this time, the Skitch Single Needle Embroidery Machine (PP1) is powered by Artspira.

Brother products that are Artspira compatible will continue to operate under their respective software and have access to those features. For example, Brother ScanNCut DX machines will continue to be compatible with CanvasWorkspace. You can also use the USB port to import your own designs.

Artspira is a living tool that we are constantly improving and expanding to offer users even more creative possibilities. We are committed to empowering users to create outside-the-box designs and will adapt Artspira to build on our promise to evolve with you at our side.

Artspira Disney



No, the designs you own in iBroidery can not be used in Artspira. You would have to repurchase the design in Artspira.



Once purchased you’ll be able to use the design in Artspira, but you will not own the Disney artwork.

You cannot sell your Disney projects.


Yes, you can share your Disney design creations on social media and within the gallery on Artspira.

You cannot edit the Disney embroidery designs but the Disney cutting designs can be resized within the cutting mat size range. You can add text around the design or to the background.


Disney designs are currently available in the US only.

4”x4” and 5”x7” for embroidery designs. Disney cutting designs may be resized within the cutting mat size range.

You will have the Disney designs as long as you have an active Artspira account. Please note that if you close your Artspira Account, you will lose access to the Disney designs you purchased and there will be no way to restore the purchased designs, even if you choose to reactivate your Artspira account.

No, not at this time.

Yes, new designs will be added throughout the year.

No. is for users with machines that have a USB port which allows them to download and transfer via USB. Artspira is for users who have Bluetooth or Wireless Lan machines so they can wirelessly transfer the designs.

Artspira+ users get a discount on the Disney design prices.


Disney designs are associated with your Artspira ID and can be used on your machines that are registered in Artspira. The user must register their product number in Artspira to use the design. A user can register a maximum of five machines in Artspira.


Skitch was built to introduce embroidery to beginners. With a low barrier of entry into embroidery, we’ve brought some high end technology to the masses with the ability to use a free arm, and with the addition of partnering with Artspira+, you can test out digitizing your own embroidery designs and so much more. While these tools are not meant to replace intermediate or expert level tools, these allow beginners to do even more than traditional beginner-friendly embroidery machines to get their feet wet before diving into a larger investment model.

Yes, you can use the free version of Artspira with our new Skitch embroidery machine. Brother will continue to offer the standard Artspira free version that offers many possibilities for crafters and those new to embroidery.

You do not need Wi-Fi to use Skitch. It is powered with Bluetooth connectivity using artspira so you can design anytime, anywhere. If your smart device doesn’t not function with mobile data, then you will need wifi.

Skitch comes with 100 free artist designs exclusive to Skitch users via the Artspira app. In addition to those free 100 designs that come with the purchase of Skitch, users can also browse the 500 additional free embroidery designs within the Artspira app for endless creative possibilities.

Yes. Starting November 30th, importing your own designs will now be part of the free version of Artspira used to power Skitch. Users of the Free version of Artspira will be allowed to import 20 of their designs into Artspira (The max is 20, but you can delete and replace designs too!).