Encanto thread, faceplates and designs and machine
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Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Get ready to make your own Disney's Encanto magic with colorful faceplates and vibrant thread colors coming soon from Brother.

Disney's Encanto Trailer

Watch the trailer for the all-new Walt Disney Animation Studios’ original film “Encanto” and see the all-new movie in theaters November 24.

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The beautiful Disney's Encanto 12-pc Embroidery Thread Kit is perfect for adding an eye-catching splash of color to home décor designs or even to your next upcycling garment project!


Give your brother embroidery machine a dazzling makeover with one of three colorful and vibrant Disney's Encanto Faceplates. Available for a limited time with purchase of the NS1750D starting on November 14th, 2021.
Add a colorful splash of magic on your next home décor project or apparel piece with our radiant licensed embroidery designs1 available on iBroidery.com.
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Family Magic Contest

Celebrate Disney's Encanto with the "Family Magic" sews and crafts contests now through November, 24th!

  1. Designs shown are for illustrative purposes only.