About sublimation printers

With a sublimation printer you can print high quality graphics onto sublimation paper and then transfer the design onto shirts, shorts, shoes and more using a heat press.

Find out how sublimation printers can unleash your creativity

With sublimation printers, you can create unique full-color projects for gift giving, seasonal, holidays and home decor.

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What’s so great about a sublimation printer? Why do I need special ink and paper for my sublimation printer anyway? Isn’t my current printer good enough? We answer all your burning questions about sublimation printers and some you probably never thought to ask.

Sublimation printing is a technique that uses heat to transfer images onto materials that have 80% or more polyester like shirts, hats, jackets, bedsheets, curtains, blankets, and more. When working with fabrics for sublimation, try to avoid natural fibers and materials.

The key to sublimation printing is the ink used turns to gas when brought under heat, creating a permanent imprint on the object.

With sublimation printing, it’s fun to create customized fashion pieces, inviting home décor signs, personalized designs, and more! What will you make?  

Although many sublimation printers look like a normal inkjet or laser printer, they are actually very different. A sublimation printer is a very specific type of printer made for a very specific process. Even the paper is specialized for the process! A sublimation printer can print designs onto sublimation paper. The printed design can then be transferred to fabric via heat press.

No, it’s best to shop for a sublimation printer. Regular printers are not compatible with sublimation ink or paper. For example, inkjet printers use a thermal printing head and can’t print on sublimation surfaces.

The sublimation printer prints your graphic onto a sheet of sublimation paper. Then, you use a heat press to transfer the design from paper onto your product, like a t-shirt or blanket.

Sublimation printing works best on materials that have at least 80% polyester. So what will you create today?

Sublimation printing is best for fabrics containing at least 80% polyester. Screen printing is best used on natural fibers like cotton.

Take your inspiration and turn into reality in a flash with sublimation printing!