Electronic Direct Drive Zigzag Lock Stitcher with Thread Trimmer


Electronic Direct Drive Zigzag Lock Stitcher with Thread Trimmer

  • Electronic, direct drive operation with thread trimmer and condensed stitch device
  • 14 built-in pre-programmed stitch patterns and IoT capabilities
  • User-friendly Color LCD touch panel; Sewing Speeds up to 5,000spm

About the Product

Intuitive operation of the Color LCD touch panel makes it easier to set various sewing patterns. Servo motor control greatly improves stitch pattern accuracy, improving sewing quality.

Main Features

  • User-Friendly Color LCD Display Touch Panel The Color LCD display touch panel has illustrated icons, offering user-friendly operation with two operator panel displays: detailed home screen, and quick home screen. Select patterns from an on-screen pattern list.
  • Productivity improvement with IoT Capabilities This model is IoT applicable. By utilizing Brother’s IoT NEXIO SYSTEM, collect sewing machine information, analyze data, manage production processes, and improve productivity. *For more information, please refer to the catalog of “Brother Industrial Sewing Machine Network System.”
  • Electronic Control for Higher Sewing Quality Zigzag stitching achieved via pulse motor control and servo control. The needle moves perpendicular to the material, so that needle deflection or position slippage does not occur—even during high speed sewing.
  • Cleaner Sewing with No Concern of Oil Staining. This model is equipped with a sealed oil tank, supplying oil only to the rotary hook. Having no oil around the needle bar and thread take-up mechanism reduces concern for oil staining.
  • USB Port on Operation Panel. The display panel is equipped with a USB port so sewing patterns and environmental settings can be copied and shared easily with other sewing machines of the same function. This also permits software upgrades to be performed from a USB drive.
  • Add Value to your Products with Custom Sewing Patterns You can add and save your own unique stitch pattern using the operation panel or PS-300B Sewing Data Programming Software. Easily copy data and upload to other sewing machines. Patterns can also be saved and edited from the control panel for better management.


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