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Limited Edition Disney ScanNCut DX Innov-ís




Limited Edition Disney ScanNCut DX Innov-ís

About the Product

Bring a touch of Disney to your sewing and crafting projects with the Limited-Edition Disney ScanNCut DX Innov-is (SDX230DX), your all Disney electronic cutting machine! The SDX230DX model offers 152 built-in Disney Designs, 1435 built-in designs in total, 140 Quilt patterns, and 17 lettering fonts. PLUS, the all NEW Fabric Mat and Disney Vinyl Auto Blade Kit with 32 Disney Patterns and 21 Non-licensed Patterns! Scan and Cut virtually any materials up to 3mm thick‡, to make personalized apparel, quilt, home décor, and customized artwork designs. With the Disney electronic cutting machine, the possibilities of creating one of a kind sewing and crafting projects are virtually endless. Using the ScanNCut tools you can foil‡, emboss‡, draw, paper pierce‡, and rhinestone tools to make your one of a kind projects. Exclusive to this model is over $1,100 value-added products‡, including ScanNCut DX thin fabric auto blade and roll feed attachment. Plus, do more with our dealer exclusive feature, PES/PHC/PHX embroidery files readability‡ which enables you to convert PES/PHC/PHX embroidery files to cutting, drawing, embossing‡ and foiling‡ data directly on the machine. Enjoy the ease of use of the ScanNCut DX series, stand-alone- 5” LCD touchscreen display for easy editing (no PC required), auto blade sensor technology, up to 600 DPI for scan to USB, whisper-quiet mechanism, and matless cutting with roll feeder attachment, and SVG files readability. Moreover, wireless-ready features that work with CanvasWorkspace to let you create virtually anywhere and anytime. Work remotely on your PC, tablet, or even on your phone and then send your cut files over to ScanNCut DX, wirelessly.

Main Features

  • Blade Sensor Technology with Auto Blade Revolutionary, home and hobby cutting machine technology detects the height (thickness) of the material placed on a ScanNCut DX compatible mat to cut precision, custom and built-in patterns. No need to select material type nor adjust blade depth before cutting. Depending on the material, it is best to perform a test cut and/or adjust cutting pressure for a more perfect cut. There is also a setting to select half cut for cutting the top layer of vinyl and not the backing
  • Thin Fabric Auto Blade This blade is designed to cut fabric used for quilting and raw edge appliqué purposes. Quilt with ease and help save time by cutting multiple pieces for your projects. Depending on the material, the Thin Fabric Auto Blade will cut thicknesses from 0.25 mm-0.5 mm. For use only with the ScanNCut DX machine and the ScanNCut DX Thin Fabric Auto Blade Holder.
  • PES/PHC/PHX Embroidery File Readability‡ So many more ways to utilize most existing PES/PHC/PHX appliqué files! The ScanNCut DX reads PES/PHC/PHX embroidery data‡ from a USB memory stick (not included). Customize the PES/PHC/PHX file by selecting only the parts you want to cut. Then take the cut pieces to your Brother embroidery machine to tack down and create unique fabric items. Plus, using the Stich Line Detection mode, users can create various draw/emboss/ foil projects‡ from one embroidery file. This is an exclusive function only available in the dealer exclusive, ScanNCut DX Innov-is Edition.
  • Whisper Quiet Mechanism The Brother ScanNCut DX cuts and scans with little noise compared to previous models. Enjoy your DIY projects, card making, or quilting anytime day or night. The redesigned, quieter mechanism is perfect for use in small office or business setting where noise can be very distracting.
  • Scanner Height Position Lever The ScanNCut DX machine has 2 positions for the built-in scanner. Position 1 (lower position) is used when scanning thin materials, photographs, and like items for a better-quality scan. Position 2 raises the scanner glass higher to scan thicker materials such as 3mm foam and for typical cutting and drawing.
  • Wireless Network Ready Wirelessly‡ transfer cut data from the machine to the CanvasWorkspace application. No additional activation card needed simply register for a Free account at http://canvasworkspace.brother.com to enable the functionality.
  • 1435 Built-in Designs, Including 152 built-in Disney Designs, 140 Quilt patterns, Plus 17 Lettering Fonts Get creative! Basic shapes, intricate designs, borders, quilt patterns, fonts, and more are all available on the easy-to-use 5-inch color LCD touchscreen display. Choose from many new appliqué patterns and 3-D paper patterns. Simply select a design, and then have it cut out on your material of choice. For adding even more variety to your creations, combine built-in designs or scan an image to create any number of one-of-a-kind designs.
  • On-Screen Editing Editing designs is both quick and easy with ScanNCut DX. Every editing function can be done on the 5-inch LCD touch screen display. Easily convert your scanned designs into custom cut or draw files. Customize designs by changing the shape, size, or position, even using just part of a design. With the ability to weld, rotate and resize your designs, you’ll love having the ability to create fully detailed designs to your liking – all without the use of a computer or complicated software.
  • Large Scanning and Cutting Area Using the included 12" x 12" cutting mat, or the 12" x 24" cutting mat (available for additional purchase), easily create and cut a wide variety of designs – from one as small as a delicate snowflake for a holiday ornament or one as large as an inspirational wall quote to place in your family living room. Plus, the cutting mat doubles as a scanning mat for ease of use! Now with 12" x 24" scanning capability! (SDX225F and SDX230DX models only) Great for scanning 18" doll patterns and large quilt patterns to create cut data.
  • Built-in Scanner – Up to 600 DPI for Scan to USB Turn your scanned images into unique one-of-a-kind cut designs and patterns. The secret lies in the high-resolution built-in scanner. Scan virtually anything – a handmade drawing, a child’s handwriting, cherished photos, and more – to create endless cut designs and save to the machine’s memory. As a bonus, use the ScanNCut DX machine as a home scanner to archive pictures, documents, and more and save to your USB memory stick for use in your computer. Enhanced scanning with color recognition. Choose to scan in either grayscale or color RGB mode.
  • Scan-to-Cut-Data Now with a smooth line feature getting more clean cuts is easy, simply select from three settings (low, middle, high) on the machine to fine-tune your scanned image to a more precise cutting line. Scan and convert to cut data. Using the technology of the smart scanner, scan in your design and save it as data to cut or draw. ScanNCut DX will create cut lines automatically, and then within minutes, hand drawn elements can grace the pages of your artwork as a cut element or drawing with the assistance of the pen draw feature.
  • Seam Allowance and Sewing Guidelines Have you ever struggled with piecing together your fabric when working on various sewing and quilting projects? ScanNCut DX gives you the ability to add a seam allowance in ¼” increments to assist you in piecing together fabric pieces for your quilts, clothing and more. But wait, it gets better! You can even utilize the erasable pens (air soluble and water soluble) to create sewing guidelines on your designs to assure virtually perfect placement of your stitches.
  • Roll Feeder Attachment Expand creative possibilities by cutting up to 12” wide material‡ and up to 1785.3mm (70.2” or 5.85 feet) in length with the roll feeder function that accommodates our ScanNCut adhesive vinyl rolls for home-décor items, car decals, signage and so much more! Plus, using our Universal Pen Holder drawing personalized banners is simple with the ScanNCut DX machine. In conjunction with CanvasWorkspace, create one-of -kind roll feeder cut data (.FCM file format) and get 1 free design included‡ with this accessory.
Built-in storage for tools
Create fun and elegant home decor!
Make moments special!
Create fun personalized projects
Pair with your Luminaire or Stellaire to create applique
Create easy at home Heat Transfer Vinyl projects

ScanNCut DX Comparison Chart

SDX85 SDX125e SDX225F SDX230DX
MSRP1 $399.99 (MSRP1) $499.99 (MSRP1)
Includes over $74 in added value2
$999.99 (MSRP1)
Includes over $740 in added value2
$1,199.99 (MSRP1)
Includes over $1,100 in added value2

Standard SDX Features

5 In LCD Touch Screen Display -
Blade Sensor Technology
Wireless Network Ready
Wireless Connection via PC/Tablet/Mobile3
CanvasWorkspace PC-Based Application
Direct Data Transfer via USB Cable on CanvasWorkspace4
Maximum Object Readability 600 600 900 900

Dealer Exclusive Innov-ís Edition Features

24" Scan Function - - Dealer Exclusive 10 5/8" x 16"
PES File Import Capability/PES File Embroidery Stitch Line Detection5 Optional Software(s) Required, Sold Separately: Optional BES 4 ($899.991) and Power Pack 2 Cutting Tool Software ($499.99 MSRP1), total $1399.98 MSRP1, or Optional PE Design 11 ($2,139.99 MSRP1). Dealer Exclusive Dealer Exclusive

Built-in Designs

Total Built-in Designs 251 Designs/5 Fonts 682 1,303 1,435
Built-in One Point Designs - 582 1,163 ($575.19 Value6) 1,163 ($575.19 Value6)
Built-in Quilt Designs - 100 140 ($39.60 Value6) 140 ($39.60 Value6)

Built-in Disney Designs - Dealer Exclusive

Built-in Disney Designs - - - 152 ($150.48 Value6)

Standard Included Accessories

Auto Blade (1 PC)
Auto Blade Holder (1 PC)
ScanNCut DX 12" x 12" Standard Mat (1 PC)
Getting Started Guide and Sample Cardstock (1 PC)
Pen Holder (1 PC) -
Black Pen (1 PC) -
Red Pen (1 PC) -
Touch Pen, Spatula, Accessory Pouch (1 PC of each)

SDX125e Added Value

Pattern Collection Bundle3 - 76 ($74.97 MSRP1) - -

Dealer Exclusive

5 Color Pen Set - - ✓($17.49 MSRP1) ✓($17.49 MSRP1)
2 Erasable Pen Set - - ✓($14.99 MSRP1) ✓($14.99 MSRP1)
Roll Feeder Bundle - - - ✓ Roll Feeder Bundle ($89.99 MSRP1)
Thin Fabric Auto Blade - - ✓($16.99 MSRP1) ✓($16.99 MSRP1)
Thin Fabric Auto Blade Holder - - ✓($26.99 MSRP1) ✓($26.99 MSRP1)
Fabric Mat - - ✓($39.99 MSRP1) ✓($39.99 MSRP1)
Iron-On Fabric Contact Sheet (2 PC) - - ✓($14.99 MSRP1) ✓($14.99 MSRP1)
ScanNCut DX 12" x 12" Low Tack Adhesive Mat (1 PC) - - - ✓($31.99 MSRP1)
Universal Pen Holder - - - ✓($19.99 MSRP1)
Rhinestone Trial Kit - - - ✓($49.99 MSRP1)
Disney Vinyl Auto Blade Kit - - - ✓($99.99 MSRP1)
Starter Key Chain Fabric Project - - -
Technical Support Phone/Online Support for the Life of the Product Phone/Online Support for the Life of the Product Phone/Online Support for the Life of the Product Phone/Online Support for the Life of the Product
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1Prices set by retailers and dealers may vary.
2Compared to SDX125e model.
3Available with CanvasWorkspace for web only.
4Connection via USB cable is available for Windows only. Cable not included.
5Reads most PES/PHC/PHX embroidery files. To read PHX file, software version should be 1.1x or higher.
6Value based on built-in designs included vs. the SDX125e.
Images are for illustrative purposes only. Specifications subject to change.


Optional Work Area 12" x 24" with optional mat
Work Area 12" x 12"
Carton Dimensions (W" x D" x H") 11.500 " x 25.500 " x 11.625 "
Carton Weight (lbs) 19.200
Unit Weight (lbs) 12.79
Add Patterns Yes
Built-In Designs 1435
Built-In Fonts 17
Built-In Memory Yes
Built-In Quilt Designs 140
Direct Connection Via USB Cable No
LCD Display Size 5"
On-Screen Editing Yes
On-Screen Editing Functions Sizing (Height), Sizing (Width), Duplicating, Lock Aspect Ratio, Unlock Aspect Ratio, Pattern Rotation in 1 Degree increments, Mirroring, Seam Allowance On/Off, Welding, Group Selection, Group Deletion, Auto Layout, Unifying, Undoing, SVG File Readability, Moving, Magnifying
USB Slots Yes
Wireless Connection to PC or Tablet Yes
Wireless Network Ready Yes
Zoom Function Yes
Background Scan Adjustment Darker, Lighter
File Formats Supported PHX, PHC, FCM, PES, SVG
Maximum Scanning Width (in.) 11.7
Scan to USB Yes
Scanner Capabilities Yes
Scanner Resolution (DPI) 900
Scanning Material Thickness up to 3 MM
Scan-to-Cut Data Detection type: Outline, Detection type: Region, Detection type: Line (Thinning), Saving Data Function After Detection, Deletion Area (Unwanted Scanned Images) up to 3.9" per Deletion, Threshold Converting: 5 levels
USB Cable Not Included
Warranty 1 Year Limited Parts & Labor, 2 Year Limited Electronic Components and Printed Circuit Boards

Supplies & Accessories (15)

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Bonus Designs‡ Firmware update Ver 1.40 or higher required.
Connectivity‡ Internet connection required.
Cut Width‡ Design and cut area is 9.9” (251.8mm).
Material Compatibility‡ Material compatibility may vary. Always perform a trial/test cut to confirm a successful cut.
Foil, Emboss, Pierce, Calligraphy Accessibility‡ Optional accessories required, sold separately.
File Compatibility‡ Reads most PES/PHC/PHX embroidery files and SVG files. To read PHX file, software version should be 1.1x or higher.
Free Design Requirements‡ A Free CanvasWorkspace account and internet connection is necessary to unlock the design.
Value-Added Products‡
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