24mm (0.94") Stencil Tape for P-Touch 3m (9.8 ft)



24mm (0.94") Stencil Tape for P-Touch 3m (9.8 ft)

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About the Product

Non-adhesive tape designed with a thermal sensitive layer that masks ink or special fluids for direct part marking applications.

Main Features

  • For Use With: PT-1400, PT-1500, PT-1500PC, PT-2430PC, PT-2500PC, PT-2730, PT-2730VP, PT-3600, PT-530, PT-550, PT-7500, PT-7600, PT-9200DX, PT-9200PC, PT-9400, PT-9500PC, PT-9600, PT-9700PC, PT-9800PCN, PT-E500, PT-E550W, PT-E800W, PT-P700, PT-P750WVP, PT-P900, PT-P900W, PT-P950NW


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