Santa Hat Silverware Holder with the P-touch Embellish Elite

Create a silverware holder that is sure to delight your holiday dinner guests. This addition to your table is made personal with the P-touch Embellish Elite.



  • P-touch Embellish Elite (PTP715eBT)
  • P-touch Embellish ~1” Black on White Satin Ribbon (TZER251)
  • Red felt
  • White felt
  • White pom poms
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Template
  • Permanent marker
Person cutting red felt into triangle. Piece of white felt on the right with rectangle outline

Step 1

Print template and cut out.

  • Trace the triangle hat template onto the red felt using the permanent marker then cut out the felt shape.
  • Trace the rectangle hat trim template onto the white felt using a permanent marker then cut out the felt shape. Repeat for as many guests as you have.

Red felt triangle and white felt rectangle

Step 2

Glue the white hat trim piece onto the hat. Only glue along the sides and bottom to create a pocket that will hold the silverware.

  • Glue the pom pom to the top of the hat.

Step 3

Insert the Brother P-touch Embellish ~1” White Satin Ribbon with Black Text

Person creating label on phone next to Ptouch Embellish.

Step 4

In the Brother Design and Print app, select “Create Your Own Label”, then select “Clip Art”.

  • Scroll through the symbols and choose “Seasons”. We choose the Santa Claus symbol but feel free to choose anyone that catches your eye.
  • Tap “Add” on the label on the screen then choose “Text”.
  • Type the name of the guest and then you can press “Font” if you wish to change it.
  • One more time tap “Add” then select “Clip Art”. Choose the Santa Claus or symbol of your liking and press “Done”.

Step 5

At the bottom of the screen, set the tape length to 7.7”.

  • Adjust your alignment by tapping on the name, clicking font and then the center alignment which the center line icon.
  • After your done printing you can go right back to this the template and simply change the name by taping on it and print your next guest.

Fork and knife in completed Santa hat flatware holder

Step 6

Glue the ribbon to the white felt.

  • Place silverware into the pocket of the holder.

You now have a fun and whimsical addition to your holiday table! Share your personalized project using #ptouchembellish.