Valentine's Day Soap

Valentine’s heart-shaped soaps make an adorable gift for the people you love. Not only is it thoughtful, but the scent, colors and design you put in making this project will leave a lasting impression on your loved one. So this Valentine’s Day, give the gift of handmade soap that speaks from the heart.

  • Supplies
  • Tips & Tricks


P-touch Embellish Tips & Tricks:

  • To reduce waste on the end of your label tape choose Menu → Scroll to Margin → Scroll to Narrow and hit OK.
  • Always clear your machine before you start a new project or it will use the setting that you set with your last one.
  • Make the project personal and scroll through your P-touch Embellish machine until you find the perfect Font, Frame, Pattern or Symbols you would like to use.
  • All of the symbols and frames are shown in the included product guide.
  • Special Characters: hold down "Shift" key and select the keyboard numbers for a special character to appear in the field.



Step 1

Cut two rows of white glycerin soap on pre-molded blocks in squares. Place in mixing bowl and heat in microwave for two minutes to melt. Add 30 seconds if the soap is not completely melted. Stir well.

Step 2

Add 4-6 drops of red dye and essential oil into the white glycerin soap to make a light pink shade and to add scent. Mix well.

Step 3

Pour 1 cm thick of the pink soap into the rectangular silicon tray. Fill up three of the six slots and let the soap harden. Repeat steps 1-3 but with more red dye for a dark red shade. Fill the soap into the remaining three rectangular silicon slots.

Step 4

When the pink and red soap hardens, remove the soap from the tray and cut the soap into small cubes. Cut a few of the remaining white glycerin soaps to have a variety of pink, red and white soap cubes. Fill the heart trays with the soap cubes.

Step 5

In the mixing bowl, melt the clear glycerin soap in the microwave. Add 30 seconds each time and stir the soap until all of the clear soap is melted. Pour the clear soap over the cubed soaps. Fill the heart tray to the top. Let the soap harden.

Step 6

Use the P-touch Embellish ribbon and tape printer to print a customized message for your Valentine.


  • For Hugs and Kisses For Valentine’s Wishes select Menu, Symbol, Picture, Holiday, and select the heart picture. Select the Atlanta font in small. Leave 10 spaces between “Kisses” and “For”. Print the tape 4.3 inches. Make as many as you need.

  • For “More Kisses, Love Cyndi.” Follow the same instruction as above and pick an emoji. Select the Helsinki font in medium.

Step 7

When the soap is cooled and hard, pop it out of the heart tray. Drop them in a treat bag wrapped in a personalized message for your Valentine.