P-touch Embellish Shamrock Shadowbox project suppies

Shamrock Shadowbox Guessing Game with the P-touch Embellish

Will friends and family be very lucky this St. Patrick's Day? Made with the Brother P-touch Embellish, this shadowbox becomes a fun guessing game for all ages, just make sure you choose a great prize for the winner!

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Time to Complete Project:Under 1 hour

  • Supplies
  • Tips & Tricks


P-touch Embellish Tips & Tricks:

  • Always clear your machine before you start a new project or it will use the setting that you set with your last one.
  • Make the project personal and scroll through your P-touch Embellish machine until you find the perfect Font, Frame, Pattern or Symbols you would like to use.
  • All of the symbols and frames are shown in the included product guide.
  • Special Characters: hold down "Shift" key and select the keyboard numbers for a special character to appear in the field.


Step 1: Person cutting a shamrock for P-touch Embellish project.

Step 1

Trace the shamrock templates onto cardstock and cut out using scissors. Make sure to keep track of how many you make as you will need to know the final count for the game.

Step 2: Person aligning sheets of patterned paper for P-touch Embellish project.

Step 2

Cut 1 sheet of patterned paper to 10” x 10”. Center and adhere to second sheet of patterned paper.

Step 3: Person  creating a label using P-touch Embellish

Step 3

Insert Brother P-touch Embellish ~½” Matte White Tape with Black Text into the Brother P-touch Embellish Ribbon and Tape Printer.

  • Make sure your machine is reset by holding down shift and the backspace button. Scroll to Text&Format and press OK.
  • Select the “Font” button, and Font again, OK, and scroll until you see the “Istanbul”, OK.
  • Type “Feeling Lucky?” Hint: The question mark can be found by holding shift and the comma button, lower right. Select Print & OK.
  • Make sure your text is reset by holding down shift and the backspace button & scroll to text only, OK.
  • Type “Guess how many shamrocks!” Hint: Exclamation mark can be found by holding shift and #1. Select Print & OK.

Step 4: Person putting P-touch Embellish labels on green background

Step 4

Attach labels tape to cardstock. Cut out two rectangles from cardstock that your labels are attached to.

Step 5:  Person affixing the patterned paper to the shadowbox for P-touch Embellish project.

Step 5

Adhere rectangles to patterned paper. We placed ours towards the top as to not be covered by shamrocks. Adhere paper to the backing of the shadowbox.

Step 6: Person adding shamrocks to front of the shadowbox for Ptouch Embellish project.

Step 6

Place shamrocks in the front part of the shadowbox. Place backing onto the shadowbox.

Completed Shamrock Shadow box made with P-touch Embellish labels

Step 7

Place your shadow box on the table with some blank pieces of paper for your guests to guess the number of shamrocks inside. The person with the closest number wins the pot of gold!