A variety of spices laying on marble countertop, with labels on them printed on brother ptouch

Pantry Labels and Kitchen Labeling 101

The kitchen. We all know that it is the traditional place to prepare and cook food, but it is so much more than that. The kitchen doubles as a coffee corner, a homework station, and a family board game center. It is multi-functional yet utilitarian. And, with all this hustle and bustle going on, keeping everything in the kitchen organized can be a tall order. With the P-touch Home Personal Label Maker, organizing your kitchen is now fun and easy. Let’s label some spices for easy organization.


Spice Organization Video

A variety of spices laying on marble countertop

Step 1:

Lineup the spice jars you wish to label, making sure the surface is clean and smooth.

A variety of spices laying on countertop together with Brother Ptouch Label maker

Step 2:

With your Brother P-touch Home Label Maker, select a fun font, or cool symbol you wish to use for your labels

Brother Ptouch displayed hands holding and typing on its built in keyboard

Step 3:

Using the qwerty keyboard, type out each name of the spices in your jars.

A variety of spices laying on marble countertop

Step 4:

Adhere your labels to your containers.

A variety of spices laying on marble countertop, with labels on them printed on Brother Ptouch

Step 5:

Enjoy your organized spice cabinet!

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to pantry organization, the spice rack is a great start. Printable pantry labels can help you keep all your cooking essentials neat and organized. You can make sure your cinnamon isn't mistaken for cumin with the help of clear kitchen labels printed right at home. The best way to organize your spice rack is by making some DIY labels to help keep them in order. Use clear canister labels to help you tame the chaos in your kitchen.

Once you’ve tamed the spice rack, you can organize your baking necessities, such as flour and sugar. By using durable pantry labels, you can keep all your essentials organized for simple assembly of your favorite snacks. With the P-touch label maker, you can even add fun images and symbols to add some style to your pantry.

Got leftovers? You’ll be able to store all your delicious treats for later snacking with no problem. Just add dishwasher safe labels to your containers, and then box your newly created edible goodies for safekeeping.

Need to label your children’s lunch boxes and water bottles? Using waterproof label tapes will certainly make them easier to clean and spot during frenzied lunchtime meals. P-touch label makers offer durable, waterproof labels for all your organizational needs. Just enter the text or images you want, print them up, and apply the long-lasting labels for school as needed. You’ll love how easy getting the kids ready for school can be when everything is neatly labeled and ready to go.

Do you have a variety of plastic lids and assorted bowls that never seem to pair up? Use the P-touch label maker to sort different containers, so your mix and match is just one simple match. P-touch labels are tough enough to withstand the freezer or dishwasher, so use these food container labels to bring order to your kitchen and keep your containers sorted and ready to serve.

With a reliable label maker like the Brother P-touch, making your kitchen organized and appealing is a snap. The P-touch label maker offers a wide choice of different label tape colors, fonts, and symbols, so you can create custom kitchen labels to meet the exact needs of your family. Using kitchen and pantry labels is a great way to organize your kitchen and bring some peace into your home. That is, until a loud and boisterous family board game once again takes over your traditional kitchen space.

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