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With the newly enhanced P-touch Editor software and your P-touch PT-D410, PT-D460BT, or PT-D610BT label makers, you can tackle a host of office and organizational tasks, business projects, and more.

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Person using laptop to create label for printing on PT-D410 label maker

P-touch Editor Version 6.0 for Windows

With P-touch Editor, you can import existing graphic files (BMP, JPG / JPEG, GIF, TIF / TIFF), or use enhanced symbols, frames or clip-art files included within the P-touch Editor. Create logos or custom art using various texts, drawings, barcodes and images. Print barcode labels or other specialty labels either one at a time or print multiple labels in a batch. 

Print Labels Quickly and Easily 

Only Brother P-touch PTD410, PTD460BT, and PTD610BT label makers are supported by the new P-touch Editor version.

Connect the PT-D410 to a PC or Mac® with the included USB cable to harness the power of P-­touch Editor Software1 and make advanced edits.

Download for PT-D410

Combine the PT-D460BT with Brother P-touch Editor Software1 for added creativity and versatility.

Download for PT-D460BT

Connect via Bluetooth® or USB and create labels using the PT-D610BT and the Brother P-­touch Editor Software1 for high-resolution printing for sharper barcodes, crisp logos, and detailed graphics.

Download for PT-D610BT

Key Features of P-touch Editor Software


Modern Design & Flexible Editing

Modern UI design for easy customization and designing of labels. Improved navigation with multiple property panes to easily access editing tools.

Place text, symbols, images, tables, etc. wherever you want. Each cell of the table can be filled with text, numbers, symbols or barcodes.

Print Settings & Unicode Support

The realistic print preview display labels in an easy-to-understand manner, enabling immediate printing while Unicode Support allows you to include characters from multiple languages in the same label.

Improved Label Templates with Advanced Sorting

New format with photos and descriptions added to show label templates and inspire ideas.

Use the search functionality to find new templates or labels you have created in the past to create labels quickly. Simply select a template, replace the text and images as desired, and print.

Text Input, Editing, & Options

Design labels using any True Type® or OpenType® font installed on your computer or select one of the dozens of fonts included with the software while Text Options such as "Free size," which allows you to create labels without a pre-determined length.

Clip Art, Shapes & Decorative Frames

With over 700 clip-art designs to choose from, you're sure to find what you’re looking for! ln addition, you can also create shapes like straight lines, rectangles, and ellipses. Plus, a wide variety of frames and patterns can be used to make attractive labels that suit your needs.

Data Sharing

Cross compatibility of labels designs across P-touch Editor Software and Brother iPrint&Label. Labels created in P-touch Editor Software can be shared with Brother iPrint&Label on your smartphone and vice versa, makes creating labels on the go a breeze!

Date, Time & Numbering

The date and time can easily be printed on labels and a specific amount of time can be added allowing you to make labels displaying an expiration date. Time, text, and barcodes can be printed consecutively in sequence.

Tape & Color Detection

P-touch Editor Software can detect the tape size and color loaded into your label maker so you can see your label while you are customizing the design.

Add Images for Custom Labels

Various image data formats, including JPEG, GIF, BMP, and PNG, can be imported, allowing you to create labels that really stand out. Easily create professional labels complete with a company logo.

Tables, Databases, and Barcodes


Create tables without leaving the editor. Each cell can contain text, figures, barcodes, etc. This feature makes it easy to create a "Reviewed by" field for in-house documents and other circulated materials.


Create labels that reflect the contents of Excel and other database programs with the Database Feature to print continuous data2.


Easily create a variety of barcode types and two-dimensional barcodes such as QR codes. Use your barcode reader to confirm the readability of the barcodes3.

  1. Compatibility may vary by device and operating system. Requires connection to a wireless network.
  2. Database: Supported database formats include Windows® xis, mdb, csv, and txt. Macintosh® csv and bet, and MacOS® X Address Book.
  3. Barcode Supported: CODE39, CODE128, UCC/EAN-128 (GS1-128), UPC·E, JAN8 (EAN8) and Two-dimensional barcodes including QR Code, and Data matrix.