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SideHustle Studio


If you love what you do...

Some pretty creative people are making some incredible things and, in doing so, are turning their hobbies into businesses. Brother is proud to be a part of stories like that, and that's why we celebrate and support creators, artists, designers, and makers, just like you.

Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X 10-needle embroidery machine
Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X

If you're looking for a new hire, this work-horse could be your top performer. And guest what? You can link up to 5 of them together for productivity beyond your wildest dreams.

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We get it. Running a Side Hustle doesn’t happen from 9-5. Sometimes it’s 5-9. Plus weekends. Late nights and early mornings. And there’s a lot to learn. So, we’ve brought you some tips from Side Hustle Superstar Chris Tock on how-to’s that will help you get moving. Provide your information below to unlock this exclusive content.

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Brother Side Hustle Showcase

Looking for some inspiration? Check out the amazing stuff Side Hustlers just like you are making.

Are you a Side Hustle Sensation?

Woman modeling a dress and a selfie of Chris Tock

Are you a Side Hustle Sensation?

Have you transformed what once was a hobby into a business? Brother wants to hear about your story! We'd love to know the how, the what and the why of your side hustle story!

If you're using Brother sewing, embroidery or crafting gear for your Side Hustle business and are interested in becoming an official featured Brother Ambassador, click the link below to share your story and tell us why you should be the next Brother Side Hustle Sensation!

Take Your Side Hustle to the Next Level

Every Side Hustle needs a sidekick. The PR Series Embroidery Machine Accessory Bundles are the perfect partner to help take your embroidery projects to the next level. With three different options to choose from, you can be a Side Hustle Starter, a Semi-Pro, or Superstar. Are you ready to pursue your embroidery dreams with the ultimate business partner At your Side?