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Digital Color All-in-One with Wireless Networking and Duplex Printing

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Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
Wonderful Printer
October 1, 2015
By Anonymous from Albuquerque, NM
I purchased this printer to replace an all-in-one ink jet in a home office...was tired of frequent and expensive ink cartridge changes, ink runs with pages that accidentally got wet (cooking recipes) and generally lackluster print quality. Boy what a difference! My Brother now prints sharp pages that just have a more solid "feel" and crispness to the pages than before. Fast enough. When I change cartridges it's not cheap but they last and last - the cost per page is better. The software is easy to use and for what I do, works flawlessly. This one is easy to recommend. Good job Brother!
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Use Home Office (Business Use)
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Overall Rating: 1 out of 5
"F" For Failing Grade
September 20, 2015
By tommykat1 from Portland, OR
My previous multifunction printer was a Brother B&W laser model, and it had been a trooper since 2004. Thus, it was an easy decision to choose another Brother product without even looking at the competition.

However, I'm sorry to report that the MFC-9330CDW has been a disaster from the beginning.

First, it took almost half an hour for the driver installation to complete due to numerous updates being downloaded. The "Nuance Paperport" software was worthless, and it added to the driver installation hassle. I uninstalled it after checking out the app. Next, I checked the printer driver settings and found the overall look and feel to be antiquated and unnecessarily complex.

Second, the first time I printed a page, the paper tray malfunctioned, and the printer LED flashed that I needed to "reload paper." I shuffled the paper, reloaded the cartridge and the printer did its thing. More on this later...

Third, the color print quality was unacceptable. Colors were washed out, and justification was way off, much like a poorly printed color newspaper. I downloaded the "BS-Script" print driver from the Internet--a poorly executed Postcript driver, turns out--in hopes that this would cure things. No luck. I couldn't find any advanced settings for either driver in the printer settings menu. I tried "calibration" from the LED touchscreen, but still no luck. So, as a last resort, I called tech support. Sigh. Hold time of 15 minutes.

Good news, short-lived that it was: the tech guy took me through a convoluted menu I had not found on my own (and I consider myself to be computer literate) where I could change the color setting from "standard" to "vivid" (really?) and that fixed the color quality issue. So problem solved.

I then printed a document of ten pages, and, sadly, only the first eight printed. Called tech support yet again, and the issue couldn't be resolved. The tech guru said they would be sending me a replacement, though he wasn't sure with which model. I made it clear that my printer was only a day old, and I expected a NEW printer, and not something refurbished. He couldn't verify this, and said their systems were down and he'd have to call me back later that afternoon.

That was Friday, 9/18, and I have not heard back from anyone at Brother.

After reading the other bad reviews here, I think I'm going to cut my losses, return the printer and go with brand "x."
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Use Home Office (Business Use)
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Overall Rating: 2 out of 5
Not worth the money
September 19, 2015
By MTHbus
Bought this for a small business and it was the worse purchase. Prints great from the computer, etc ... but it makes terrible copies. Everything comes out dark and there is no way to adjust.
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Overall Rating: 1 out of 5
Best Purchase Ever
September 19, 2015
By sndguy from Bergen County, NJ
Or not. To be fair, I have yet to power up the printer due to the magenta toner cartridge not surviving the transport through delivery. To that end, my issue is not with this printer so much as customer service. They are quite happy to 1) park you on hold in the hopes that you go away 2) hang up on you when you are on hold because it is time to go home rather than address issues 3) send you a replacement toner (not sure how this addresses the mess issue 4) send you a cleaning kit when you question #3 5) suggest that it is your problem and take it to a service center 6) create a VERY poor start to a product experience. Because when the tires fall off and as you are trying to leave the dealership it is somehow your fault. Here is to hoping the re-seller is better than the manufacture.

I have every wish to speak with a senior (like VP level) member of customer service about this, although my expectations are low given what qualifies as customer service at brother.

Device will be returned, a decision on how to proceed will be made in two business days. As this was to replace a 25 year old HP laser I believe switching manufactures may have been a huge mistake.

And because the recommendations window is not published:
1) build a better toner cartridge
2) not make your issue a new (former?) customer's problem
3) stop trying to value engineer the packaging engineers designs, especially when your customer service dept is staffed by script reading anthropoids (word choice to better comply with the non-inflammatory language section of terms and conditions, look it up)
4) hire better anthropoids that understand the noise one loud grumpy customer can make
5) fire the management that forced the packaging engineer/toner cartridge engineer to value engineer the product...
Use Home Office (Business Use)
Brother products owned 1
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