Toner / Ink Cartridge Recycling

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IMPORTANT: It is against USPS regulations to photocopy and reuse a SmartLabel.
Please generate a new SmartLabel for each return shipment.

To participate in Brother's toner and ink cartridge collection and recycling program, simply reuse the shipping box from your new Brother toner and ink cartridges to package and send back your used cartridges.

Brother’s toner and ink cartridge collection and recycling program is only for end users of Brother products using Brother genuine toner and ink.  No bulk shipments of empty cartridges will be accepted through this program.


Click on the "Create Free Shipping Label" button above to create a Newgistics USPS SmartLabel® for shipping!

Log in to your Brother Account to retrieve your customer information and save time in creating your SmartLabel®
or Create a new account.
Note: This return address information is required by the U.S. Postal Service for all packages.

Press the "Continue" button below the contact form.The label will appear immediately on the page to print, and the link will be emailed to you for use later.


Print and attach the SmartLabel® to your package so it is clearly visible by any mail carriers, and drop off the return anywhere in the U.S. Postal Service mail system.

No additional postage or insurance is needed -- this shipment is pre-paid by Brother.


Q: My toner cartridge came with a Newgistics USPS SmartLabel® inside the box already. Do I have print out a new label?

A: No. As a convenience to our customers we include a return shipping label in the box of many of our toners. Please use that label to send the used toner back to us instead of printing a new label.

Q: My Toner cartridge came with a FedEx label inside, what should I do?

A: Some older Brother Toners include a FedEx instead of a Newgistics USPS SmartLabel®. Pack the used toner cartridge for return as indicated above and attach the FedEx label. You can return the toner to Brother using any FedEx Location, locations can be found at . If you wish to use USPS to return your empty cartridge please follow the instructions above for creating a SmartLabel®.

Q: My Toner came with a UPS label and a Newgistics USPS SmartLabel®, which label should I use?

A: As an added convenience to our business customers Brother is now including UPS labels in select toner cartridge boxes. If your business is already an existing UPS customer you can now use this label to recycle your toners by including this package in your regular pickups. If you are a home based consumer/business or a business that does not ship via UPS please use the Newgistics USPS SmartLabel® and follow the instructions above for return.

Q: I am having problems printing a label from the website. Who should I contact?

A: Please contact Brother Customer Service through our website at

Q: Can I photocopy and reuse a SmartLabel®?

A: No. It is against U.S. Postal Service regulations to photocopy and reuse a SmartLabel®. Please generate a new SmartLabel® for each return shipment.

Q: I live outside the United States; can I use these services to recycle my cartridges?

A: If you are not located in the US please go to our global site to find out about your country’s recycling programs.

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