Key Features

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Direct Connect to PC
Direct Connect
Now available is the option to connect machine direct to a PC, allowing greater flexibility and maximum productivity. The machine is sold in a package with the harness and software included, or is sold as a single unit to be connected with other Brother machines, or to operate independently.
Control Software/Full Production Reporting
Control Software
Get instant access to real time data regarding production rates, speed, stitch count, time for sew-out, production statistics and much more. The reporting can be displayed within a three year period. Data can be imported into an Excel spreadsheet or graphing program. View sewing status, time, efficiency, total output per day, hour, week, month, etc.
Networking Capabilities
A single computer can control a maximum of four units in any combination of 1, 4, or 6-head machines. These four units can operate independently at the same time, which is ideal for large-variety small-lot production runs and for producing different items all at once. It also allows productivity to be greatly increased.
Jumbo Bobbin
Jumbo Bobbin
Maximize system productivity with fewer bobbin changes with the larger capacity, jumbo "M" style bobbins. Brother enhanced the performance of the jumbo bobbin by designing the cams and gears inside the sewing head to accommodate the longer rotation of the larger bobbin.
Auto Lube
Auto Lubicration System
Brother's wick oiling system significantly reduces machine maintenance downtime. Oil is poured into a conveniently located reservoir on the machine and a wick that is threaded through the internal workings of the sewing head delivers oil when and where it is needed, eliminating the time-consuming task of oiling numerous, hard-to-reach locations.
Cam Presser
Single, Cam-Driven Presser
Developed by Brother, the cam-driven presser foot allows the machine to run faster and quieter. The precise movement of the cam reacts faster than the previous spring-loaded technology and reduces the noisy pounding of the presser foot on the throat plate. The single presser foot also facilitates increased machine speed and requires less maintenance.
Control Panel
Easy to user control panel
Start sewing faster with the simple, logical commands found on the control panel. For example, the hoop feed button moves the pantograph out from under the needles for trouble-free appliqué placement and easy loading and unloading of hoops.
Memory Retention
Memory Retention
Resume stitching a partially complete design after the machine has been turned off, unplugged or even after power failure. Shut the machine off to work with a customer, go home for the evening or even move the machine across town and never lose a stitch or go off registration - another Brother first.