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Brother Education Solutions: Document Digitization & More to Enhance Connectivity

Education solutions from Brother can help you meet increased educational demands that allow students, teachers, and administrators to share information more efficiently.

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Unlock the Power of Digitized Documents

Brother’s robust business-class capture devices enable administrators to apply improved workflows to education environments by automating and streamlining assessment test processing through (Optical Character Recognition) OCR technology. Documents can be securely shared via computers, mobile devices, and cloud storage. 

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Create an Always-On, Connected Campus

Access, share, and send secure files virtually anytime, anywhere. Our mobile solutions enhance the connectivity between students, teachers, and administrators. Coupling our solutions with the use of popular web services, anyone can safely and efficiently print and scan to various devices and operating systems, going beyond the classroom!

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Educating the Designers of Tomorrow

Brother continues to make a difference in the lives of up-and-coming designers, via its support of various design and fashion competitions across the country. Contestants with a true passion for fashion take part in these contests, and they are often pursuing advanced degrees in design simultaneously.