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Managed Print Services (MPS)

Managed Print Services (MPS) are contracted services offered by an external provider to help optimize and manage your document infrastructure and related processes. How can they benefit your business?

Take Control of Your Printing Costs

By outsourcing your print technology to an MPS provider, you can predict and manage your company’s printing costs, improve workplace productivity, and eliminate unnecessary expenses and waste.

Control Costs

Monitor print-related costs, minimize downtime, increase efficiency, and extend the life of your printer fleet.

Streamline Your Business Printing Processes

After an initial assessment of your current and future needs, an MPS provider can recommend a tailored program based on print needs and requirements.

Enhanced Security

Identify and address potential security issues before they affect your business, as MPS providers typically offer extensive print security features.

Maintenance and Supply Management

Remotely monitor the levels of consumables in all your networked printers, so you will never run out of ink or toner in the middle of printing a document.

Reduce Waste

MPS providers will recommend features to help you reduce the amount of ink, paper, and toner used during a print job.

Getting Started with MPS

MPS is not a one-size-fits-all solution; the best provider for your business will be one that understands your specific needs and can tailor a solution accordingly, while also providing support during every stage of a best practice MPS program:

Flow chart of "Assess, Design, Implement, Manage, Optimize"

1) Assess: Start with an assessment of your existing printer fleet, which includes surveying makes and models as well as the number and type of print devices.

2) Design: Work with an MPS consultant to establish goals and agree on a level of service for maintaining the print environment.

3) Implement: Deploy the MPS software and automate alerts for functions like consumables replenishment.

4) Manage: Software solutions proactively track and order supplies, monitor usage, and provide troubleshooting and repairs.

5) Optimize: To help optimize your printing infrastructure and environment, MPS consultants will work to deliver ongoing analysis, reporting, and reviews, including calibrating device setup and advising on the condition of the devices.

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Our Approach to MPS

Now that you understand what MPS is, but why should you invest in a partnership? Taking a managed approach to your print environment is a great way to remove the burden of printer maintenance, while helping to control costs. If you’re considering whether or not MPS are right for your organization, Brother can help.

We use a data-driven approach to help you better understand the state of your existing fleet and leverage actionable business intelligence to help you achieve your goals. We will then work with you to select a top-rated MPS partner through our Brother Authorized Partner Program (BAPP) to help service your account

Looking to lease your printers? The Brother Value Subscription Program (VSP) is a print-as-a-service offering inclusive of Brother hardware, supplies, service, and support under a single, fixed monthly flat fee based on your expected page volumes. You get a low upfront expense with no commitment – and you can cancel at any time!

Frequently Asked Questions

According to Gartner, “Managed Print Services (MPS) are services offered by an external provider to optimize or manage a company’s document output. The main components provided are needs assessment, selective or general replacement of hardware, and the service, parts and supplies needed to operate the new and/or existing hardware. The provider also tracks how the printer, fax, copier and MFP fleet is being used, the problems, and the user’s satisfaction”.

Managed Print Service providers offer a vast improvement to your business’ security by ensuring your company complies with federal regulations and mandates. MPS also offers device authentication and encryption, which prevents unauthorized access to documents and networks. Advanced features such as authorized document release help ensure that confidential information won’t end up in the wrong hands — whether a cyber criminal or an internal threat.

Finding the right MPS provider can be difficult with so many solutions and partners to choose from. MPS providers can offer significant benefits, including cost savings, waste reduction, increased productivity, and print environment optimization; however, to maximize these benefits you need to choose a provider that best fits your business landscape. Contact a Brother Sales Consultant to get personalized help in finding the best MPS program based on your business needs.