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Brother Print Assessment Services

At Brother, we will collaborate with you to assess your document management environment to ensure it is running efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively.

People in office using Brother HL-L9470 and MFC-L9670 printers

What is a Print Assessment?

Are you overpaying for printer capacity you no longer need? Is your network data at risk due to unsecure printers? Is your document management environment too complex to manage effectively? Brother can work with you to better understand how you utilize your office equipment – helping to gain insight into how secure your fleet is, how much you may be spending on printing, as well as the environmental impact of your current situation.


Is an assessment right for my business?

Whether you have an average or more complex printing environment, request a fleet assessment to be performed in preparation for an upcoming printer and copier contract expiration or for exploratory purposes. This structured examination can identify opportunities to improve security, maximize efficiency, and reduce costs. Contact us today to find out if an assessment is right for you.

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infographic showing print cost predictive analysis example

Print Cost Predictive Analysis

The Print Cost Predictive Analysis provides insight into your document management environment by analyzing the makes, models, and volume data of your print devices. By assessing your fleet at the device level, Brother can work with you to identify and categorize your needs and pain points, including aging and unsecure printer fleets, discontinued or end of life devices, underutilized or overutilized devices, paper and energy usage, average supply turnover, and user to device ratios. This helps to provide a business case for change to streamline and secure your document management infrastructure and maximize effectiveness.


Pretending It’s Not A Problem: Inattention to Document Technology is Now Having Troubling Real-World Consequences

This eBook highlights assessments at 100 companies. The results are...troubling. Too much capacity! Too little security! Supply mismanagement! What else are companies ignoring?

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Infrastructure Optimization Assessment

This provides the most comprehensive view of your print environment. In this case, a Brother representative will conduct an audit of select business locations, map out the physical placement of each device in a floor plan, and recommend a cost-effective solution that helps to improve security, maximize efficiency, and reduce costs.

Brother printer and all-in-one in an office near wall featuring the models HL-L947 and MFC-L9670

Are Managed Print Services Right for Your Business?

We use a data-driven approach to help you better understand the state of your existing fleet and leverage actionable intelligence to help you achieve your goals. Each of these insights provide an opportunity for you to reevaluate your print strategy. Taking a managed approach is a great way to remove the burden of printer maintenance, while helping to control costs.