ApS-Ethos Software: Timeless Craft. Upgraded.

ApS-Ethos software from CadCam Technology Ltd. always includes the latest innovations, keeping your industrial embroidery company a market leader. Leading the way since 1984, CadCam Technology specializes in creating powerful digitizing software, so you can create original embroidered designs with ease.

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Digitizing Software and Vector & Image Conversion

Digitizing Software allows the user to load⁄scan an original artwork whether it is an image file or a vector file and then translate it into an embroidery design. Many automatic tools are available allowing the user to create high quality designs very quickly that run efficiently on the embroidery machine.

Vector files or image files may be converted to embroidery using the Vector and Image Conversion tools. Vector files may be sent directly from Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator into the Ethos software and then converted into embroidery.

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Embroidered Lettering and Step Cut Away

The huge library of over 252 Satin/Ceeding stitch fonts ensures the majority of lettering styles are covered. A unique preview facility also exists so that when text is typed it can automatically be previewed in a variety of styles making matching to an existing artwork easier. Lettering may be simply positioned along any path.

A particularly useful tool that cuts away any un-necessary fill stitches that may be covered by another area of stitching. This can improve the quality of a design and lower the final stitch count.

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Stitch Patterns and Snapshot

With 180 different Fill, Satin, and Running stitch patterns available, it is possible to bring creativity to your designs. 

Offering ultimate design viewing via a filmstrip, Snapshot shows various frames of the design in the sequence it will be stitched. It is possible to re-order a design by just dragging and dropping frames into the desired order.

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