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Which Printer Meets Your Business Needs?

Users: 1-5

Recommended Print Volume: up to 4,000 pages per month

Key Features: Compact footprint, quality at a great price

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Users: 1-10

Recommended Print Volume: 200-6,000 pages per month

Key Features:Low cost per page, advanced security, expandable paper capacity, advanced scanning, fleet management / deployment tools

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Users: 10-40

Recommended Print Volume: 1,000-16,000 pages per month

Key Features: Low total cost of ownership, enterprise-level security, large paper capacity that is scalable, advanced workflow capabilities including compatibility with popular third-party applications, fleet management/deployment tools

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Brother Workhorse Printers and All-in-Ones

The Brother Workhorse Series includes a wide portfolio of printers and all-in-ones that range from robust, high-volume devices for enterprise and mid to large-sized workgroups, to compact printers that are ideal for small offices and small workgroups.

Additional Business Products

Brother offers a wide range of labeling solutions for busy offices and vertical market applications. Brother QL label printers are ideal for custom software applications, visitor management solutions, retailing/shipping labeling, and more.Learn More
Brother offers desktop scanners to help businesses streamline the process of digitalizing, organizing, and sharing documents while offering seamless integration with existing business processes, systems, and workflows.Learn More

Brother Solutions

Meet the demanding needs of the modern office with our hardware, software, and service-based solutions, designed to give you a competitive advantage.

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How to Choose a Business Printer

Choosing a business printer is very different from selecting one for your home. Office printers come equipped with a variety of features and options that can meet the demands of a busy office while helping to control costs. But how can you choose the work printer or all-in-one work printer that’s best for the business you have today and the one you’re building for tomorrow? Read on to learn how to select the best office printer for your business.

  • Print Volume: When selecting a business printer, start by considering your expected print output so you can match your office’s needs to the device you choose. Will you be printing less than 500 pages a month? If so, one of our small office/home office printers or all-in-ones may be ideal. If you’re printing over 500 pages per month, however, you’ll most likely need a high-volume printer. You can determine your print volume by tracking how often you need to refill the paper tray; a ream of paper is 500 sheets.

  • Color vs. Monochrome: Will your office be printing color documents frequently, or will you focus primarily on black-and-white documents? If you don’t need to frequently print in color, a monochrome business printer could be an ideal option, meeting the needs of your office while helping to cut costs. Check out our Black and White – Monochrome Printers page to learn more.

  • Single Function vs. All-in-One/Multifunction: While single-function business printers likely have all the features and functions needed to support your company’s printing needs, multifunction business printers (also known as all-in-one business printers) offer the ability to scan, copy, and fax all in one device. A multifunction business printer can help to save office space and cut costs by eliminating the need to purchase multiple machines, but the initial upfront cost will be higher than that of its single-function counterpart.

  • Inkjet vs. Laser: How many pages is your office printing each month? If you have high-volume output, a laser printer might be your best bet. While inkjet printers produce high-quality color images and photos and may offer 11x17 ledger printing support, laser can help reduce printing costs and generally offer more business focused features such as advanced security and additional paper trays. Additionally, business laser printers are typically available as single function printers or all-in-ones, while inkjet models tend to be available as all-in-one printers. Check out our Inkjet vs. Laser: What’s the Difference page to learn more.

  • Paper Handling: The number of sheets your printer’s standard configuration can accommodate should far exceed the number of sheets you print each day. While the average home printer has an input capacity of about 150 pages, which may work for home offices and very small businesses, it may not be ideal as your business expands. Generally, a 250-sheet capacity is considered the minimum for company printers. Many models offer optional input trays, which can yield a total input capacity over 1,000 sheets and provide the ability to store different paper sizes for additional flexibility. In addition to input trays, consider other paper handling options such as cabinets to make the printer a standalone alone device, a stapler finisher for convenient stapling, and a mailbox for sorting output paper.

If you’re looking for a small office printer, there are some special considerations you should factor into your purchase decision.

  • For a small office, the priorities should be reliability, cost, and space. Consider a space-saving, versatile all-in-one business printer that will get the job done fast.

  • Keep in mind that if your printing needs will likely change as your company expands, consider models that can grow with your business. Many Brother models offer optional paper trays that will allow you to scale up as needed.

If you’re looking for a large company printer, you’ll want to make sure that your device fits the specific needs and requirements of your company:

  • For large companies with high print volumes, speed and reliability are key. You’ll want a device that can quickly and efficiently provide you with low-cost printing and high-quality results. If you need enterprise-level solutions, Brother Business Solutions can provide custom workflow solutions, mobile and cloud options, as well as the unrivaled support of the Brother Special Solutions Team.

  • Security is a major consideration, so look for a model that comes equipped with advanced security features that will help you control exactly who has access to sensitive documents. Many Brother models come with Triple Layer Security—built-in security features to help restrict access to devices and documents that are printed or scanned on the device, and securely connect the device to your networks.

  • Bear in mind that your industry may have specific requirements that will guide your purchase decision. If you work in the healthcare sector, for example, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance and the security of patients and staff is critical, while government agencies need robust and reliable printers that conform to the Trade Agreements Act (TAA). Brother offers a range of industry-specific printing and scanning solutions
    that can help increase productivity, improve profit margins, and reduce costs.

There are plenty of features to consider when choosing the best printers for business.

  • Speed: You’ll want a business printer that produces high-quality results quickly, which is why it’s important to consider the printer’s PPM (pages per minute). PPM gauges how many pages a printer can produce in 60 seconds. Generally speaking, PPMs of 40 or greater are most suitable for offices with high-volume output, while many small business printers and home office printers may have PPMs of 20 to 40. If you need a business all-in-one, you should also consider scan speed, which is measured in ppm or ipm (images per minute).

  • Duplex printing: If you’re looking for fast and efficient double-sided printing, make sure to pick a printer with duplex printing options.

  • Scanning functionality and speeds, for all-in-ones: For those who want a multifunction business printer that will do it all, make sure to check the scanning functionality and speeds before you buy.

  • Connectivity options: Whether you connect to your network wirelessly, with Ethernet, or via USB, many corporate printers come with an assortment of options so you can choose the one that works best for your business. As workplaces become increasingly mobile, you’ll want to consider a wireless business printer. Brother offers several models that will give you the freedom to print from virtually anywhere – no wires needed. Most Brother models are support mobile device printing to easily print from your smartphone or tablet.*

  • Security features: Security is a major concern for businesses, which is why Brother offers enterprise printers with features that enable you to help restrict access to printing devices and sensitive documents and help protect against network intrusion. Learn more.

  • Service: The best office printers not only come packed with great features and functions—they come with service and support. At Brother, all of our high-quality business printers come with At Your Side support—free online or chat support for the life of your product


*Requires connection to wireless network.