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StampCreator Frequently Asked Questions



Will P-touch Editor, Stamp Editor and printer drivers work with Windows XP? (2001.11.06)


P-touch Editor Ver.3.1, P-touch Editor Ver. 3.0, Stamp Editor Ver. 3.0, Stamp Editor Express.
We have tested the editor programs in Windows XP and found they work fine.
Printer drivers for Windows 2000
Serial connection: PT-9200DX, PT-PC (Version 3.x -web only), PT-9200PC, PT-2500PC, PT-2400/2410(USA), SC-2000, SC-900
The Windows 2000 serial printer drivers for above models work fine in Windows XP.
USB connection: PT-9200DX
The latest version USB printer driver (version 3.31) works fine in Windows XP. Please download the latest printer driver from the software download page.
Parallel connection: SC-2000
The Windows 2000 printer driver works fine in Windows XP.

*We can not support P-touch Editor Ver. 1.x/ 2.x and Printer driver Ver 1.x/2.x

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