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Genuine Brother laser printer supplies are designed and formulated to work with specific Brother products. Manufactured to the highest standards and rigorously tested to ensure quality, Genuine Brother toner and other laser printer accessories are the best way to protect your investment and ensure optimal performance from your Brother laser printer.

Brother Genuine Toner vs. Third Party Toner — Get the Facts

Only by using Genuine Brother toner can you enjoy the ongoing improvements and technical changes, these improvements occur regularly throughout the hardware lifecycle. Independent research of Brother™ genuine toner cartridges vs. 3rd party toner cartridges found:


90% of pages printed with Brother printer cartridges were considered acceptable for all uses, including the most demanding Brand documents.*

On average only 50% of the pages printed with aftermarket cartridges were Brand quality pages.

* Print samples were graded by a team of multiple experience print quality graders. Brand documents were those judged to representative of a company Brand, usually external, with a high expectation of quality. Full print quality classifications are defined in the report available at


None of the Brother printer cartridges were considered Low Quality.

Overall, 45% of the aftermarket cartridges were considered Low Quality. Every aftermarket brand had at least 20% low quality cartridges.**

** A cartridge with 50% or more sampled pages categorized below the highest quality Bran documents was judged to be Low Quality. For more information please see the report at

moreConsistent left-cartridge

Brother cartridges provided a
More Consistent Yield
across cartridges...


... with aftermarket brands demonstrating yield variability up to six times greater than Brother. ***

*** Based on a 5 page test with estimated coverage between 15-20%. For more information please see the report at


may not cover damages or malfunction caused by using non-Brother consumables.

Brother Toner & Technology — Designed to Work Together



  • Brother's chemically produced toner (CPT) maximizes print quality and performance. This designer CPT may not be found in non-Brother brand toners.
  • Each Brother laser printer is designed to work at pre-set temperatures that are matched exactly to each of our individual toner formulations.
  • Each individual cartridge component is designed to work with the others to ensure quality and reliability

laser-cartridge Cyan laser Cartridge Yellow laser Cartridge Magenta laser Cartridge Black laser Cartridge


  • Toner particle size, shape and color pigmentation all have direct impact on the sharpness and graininess of the printed image.

  • Genuine Brother toner is delicately balanced to provide even flow and toner distribution on the paper.


Only by using Genuine Brother toner can you enjoy the ongoing improvements and technical changes, which do occur regularly throughout the hardware lifecycle.

How Can You Save Money with Brother Toner Cartridges?

toner-cartridges Many Brother toner cartridges are available in a variety of cartridge types to help you save money, including:

  • learn-more
  • High-Yield
  • Super High-Yield

How laser Printing Works

  1. 1. The drum surface is positively charged while the drum rotates.

  2. 2. laser beam emits light onto the drum surface during rotation. The area exposed to the laser beam forms an electrostatic image to be printed.

  3. 3. Charged toner particles are attracted to the electrostatic image on the drum.
  1. 4. Paper passes the drum where a negative charge is applied to it causing the toner to be drawn away from the drum surface and deposited onto the paper surface.

  2. 5. The image transferred to the paper by static electricity is fused by heat and pressure through the heat roller and pressure roller within the fuser assembly.

  3. 6. The printed document exits the printer.

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