Brother solutions activation

Brother Solutions Activation

Find out how to activate your purchased solutions to open up a world of productivity!

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One Tool Activates Many Features

Whether you're looking to activate just one solution for one device or need to upgrade an entire office, the Brother Mass Deployment Tool is all you will need to quickly do the job. Brother Value Add Solutions supported by the Brother Mass Deployment Tool include:

  • Custom UI – BRCUI
  • Secure Print+ - BRSP
  • Barcode Utility – BRBCU
  • Barcode Print+ - BRBCU
  • Remote Panel – BRRP
  • E-Notify – BRNEN
  • ThinPrint Client - BRTPC

How Do I Find and Use the Brother Mass Deployment Tool?

After you have received the license code for your purchased Brother Solution simply follow the steps below to download the Brother Mass Deployment tool and activate your machine.

1. Download the tool

Visit the Brother Support site, go to ‘Downloads’ and enter your model number in the search field and click ‘Search’. The next page will list your current operating system, confirm and click ‘OK’. Scroll down to the Management Tool section and you will find the download link for the Brother Mass Deployment Tool.

2. Install and search for devices

Once you have installed the Brother Mass Deployment Tool, click ‘Add devices’. Select the machine you want to activate and click ‘Add’. From the ‘Send files’ pull down click on ‘Activate Solutions’.

3. Enter your code and update

a. Enter the Admin (Device) password for your machine.
b. Click the License code radio button.
c. Enter the 20-digit activation code you received.
d. In the “Send the result file to:” area browse for a folder on your PC where a results file can be saved. This can be any folder you want to use.
e. Click “Activate” and the activation key will be sent to your machine. Please make sure your PC is connected to the Internet during this process.

Brother Solution Activation FAQs

No. Only the PC running the Mass Deployment Tool must be connected to the Internet to activate the code.

Windows 7 or later (32bit and 64bit). (Mac is not supported.)

No personal data is stored during the activation process. Only the model name, serial number, and activation date are recorded in the event of a service call.

If a solution license code was registered, it cannot be reused. You must contact Brother for a replacement code.

You can check it using the BRAdmin Pro4 Management Tool.

No. Software solution activation codes cannot be used twice. You will then need a replacement code.

Yes, you can use BRAdmin Pro4 to send activation code.

No, they do not.