work from home supplies checklist

Home Office Equipment & Supplies

If you’re working from home, it’s important to have the home office basics you need to be efficient and productive. Although the specific items you’ll need will depend on your work, there are certain home office supplies and home office equipment that virtually every remote worker can use. Use the following checklist to help ensure you always have all the home office essentials you may need.

Home Office Equipment & Supplies Checklist

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 Home Office Desk Supplies Home Office Printer Supplies & Paper Home Office Technology & Devices Home Office Furniture & Accessories
Pens, pencils, and erasers Printer paper  Laptop computer  Desk 
Highlighters and markers  Printer ink or toner delivery  Smartphone  Desk chair
Scissors Envelopes  Internet access  Lamp
Paper clips and binder clips  Folders  Home office printer  Wall bulletin board
Thumbtacks   Notebooks  Home office scanner  Wastepaper basket
Stapler and staples   Calendar  External hard drive  
Tape   Sticky notes  Flash drives  
Glue sticks     Surge protector  
Rubber bands     Label maker  
Pencil sharpener     Label tape  
Desktop organizer     Hands-free headset  
Desk drawer organizer