Say It In Style: BES Embroidery Lettering Software 3

Express yourself with our fully enhanced embroidery lettering software and show the world why technology is truly the key to creativity.

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Personalize Your Creations with Lettering, Monograms, Appliqués and More!

Affordable and feature-rich, our BES Embroidery Lettering Software 3 program is perfect for the embroidery enthusiast in you. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, you will be able to design and edit beautiful lettering, classic monograms, appliqués, border designs and so much more! This software will become a part of your everyday embroidery routine.

BES3 Software So Many Fonts

Explore So Many Built-in Fonts & Designs

More than 190 built-in fonts and more than 375 built-in designs.

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Combine Lettering & Designs

Combine multiple lines of text with one or more of our many built-in accent designs. If you're creating a design on a color-matched background, or need to line up text just right using one of the alignment options, you can see it all before you sew!

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Design With the Enhanced Fit-to-Hoop Feature

Add lettering for the perfect, personalized finishing touch. Simply select a specific hoop and use the “Fit-to-Hoop” option to maximize the design for your chosen hoop. Your design is sure to fit.

BES3 Software

More Recipes to Match Fabrics and Stabilizers

Use built-in recipes to get the exact match for your fabric type, have the right needle, thread, and stabilizer already chosen. The software sets all the settings for you and now you can even save your project to reuse later. Find lots of fabric images built right into the software or add in your own  choice of custom fabric for realistic, fool-proof planning.

Blue and white hand towels with custom monogramming

Monogram & Baste Traditionally

Give any fabric, like a napkin, a traditional feel. BES 3 comes preloaded with many monogram fonts and décors, in styles from contemporary to classic. Our “Auto Baste” feature stabilizes tricky corners that have been set in a hoop, so your design hits every stitch on the mark.

Green monogrammed pincushions

Stand Out With Monogramming & Framing

Turn any home object into designer-style home decor by monogramming with any of our big, bold appliqué fonts and letters. The BES 3 software even recommends proper sizing for large letters. Or make the monogram really stand out by adding a frame. Just turn a corner into a square with one of the new BES design effect tools.

Custom green pincushions

Create One-of-a-Kind Custom Appliqués

Craft original, custom appliqués with the simplicity of ScanNCut within your BES 3 software. It's so simple:

  1. Open an appliqué design, then click the ScanNCut button on the Tools tab.
  2. Select the segments you want, and print out on paper.
  3. Scan the design with your ScanNCut machine, and have ScanNCut cut it out on your fabric.
  4. Embroider your cut appliqué pieces and enjoy your finished appliqué.

Supplies & Accessories for Home Sewing & Embroidery

Our complete line of supplies and accessories are designed to help you make the most out of your machine — and help you reach new creative heights.

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