Long arm quilting

What is longarm quilting? Your complete guide to longarm quilting 101

Longarm quilting is an increasingly popular method for creating memorable quilts your family and friends will love.

But what is longarm quilting? How exactly does it work? And is it the best choice for your next quilting project?

Read on to learn more and to find out if you’re ready to become a longarm quilter.

What if I don’t have a long arm quilting machine?

If you don’t have a long arm quilting machine but still want to craft quilts for your loved ones, there are plenty of alternatives. For those who are short on space, simply repositioning your standard quilting machine on the edge of your workspace should give you the room you need to maneuver with ease. And if you’re looking for added power and features to make your quilting projects even more fun, there are smaller quilting machines out there than can get the job done on even your biggest creations.

Another option is a mid arm quilting machine, such as the THE Brother Dream Quilter 15. Many of these machines can do a similar job as long-arm machines but at a lower price point and without the need for so much space, allowing you to produce streamlined and professional-looking quilts your family will love for generations to come.