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Quilt Club Series

For advanced, versatile machines with the latest state-of-the-art features, look no further than Quilt Club. Each machine includes a wide range of accessories and a dedicated Quilters bundle!

Experience Brother Innovation

Leading the way with revolutionary new ideas and technologies.

So powerful, yet so easy

Brother sewing machines have cutting-edge technology and features, all while being easy to learn and easy to use. Generous lighting, large touchscreen displays, and tons of ergonomic features make Brother machines easy and comfortable for quick fixes and long projects.

Wide Open Spaces

Brother’s line of quilting machines offer expansive workspaces that give you room to spread out and work comfortably - up to a huge 15 by 8 inches on THE Dream Quilter line!

See before you stitch

Get a close-up view of the needle for the most precise positioning ever. With StitchVision projector technology on the Luminaire 2 XP2 and InnovEye camera view on the Entrepreneur ProX PR1050X, we use industry-leading technology to show you how your designs will turn out before you start the first stitch.

Built to last

With an all-metal chassis and up to a 25-year warranty on select models, your Brother machine is built to last. Each machine is built by hand by Brother employees in Brother-owned facilities so we can ensure that every machine meets our high standard of quality and reliability.

No more cutting by hand!

Our ScanNCut cutting machines are a game changer for quilting and embroidering! Use the hundreds of built-in designs, download new designs, or even scan hand drawings and turn them into patterns. Then just sit back and watch the ScanNCut automatically cut out your designs like magic!

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