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So powerful, yet so easy

Brother sewing machines have cutting-edge technology and features, all while being easy to learn and easy to use. Generous lighting, large touchscreen displays, and tons of ergonomic features make Brother machines easy and comfortable for quick fixes and long projects.

Large touchscreen displays

Easy to see, responsive to the lightest touch. Tap, drag, pinch, and zoom to see and select vivid designs out of libraries of hundreds of options. Machines include built-in tutorials so you can learn and grow as you work.

Built to last

With an all-metal chassis and up to a 25-year warranty on select models, your Brother machine is built to last. Each machine is built by hand by Brother employees in Brother-owned facilities so we can ensure that every machine meets our high standard of quality and reliability.

No more cutting by hand!

Our ScanNCut cutting machines are a game changer for quilting and embroidering! Use the hundreds of built-in designs, download new designs, or even scan hand drawings and turn them into patterns. Then just sit back and watch the ScanNCut automatically cut out your designs like magic!

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Joanne Banko

Joanne Banko is a freelance sewing educator and a self-proclaimed sewing cheerleader. She has gained experience working in many divisions of the sewing industry, and has been making her own clothing since her early teenage years.

Joanne has been featured on television programs such as PBS’ It’s Sew Easy. Her teaching segments on this program can be viewed online at She is also a frequent contributor to Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine and is author of the book Wrapped in Embroidery.

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