Brother Authorized Partner Program Application FAQs

The Reseller E-mail Address field is where you enter your company’s e-mail address. This could be a more generic e-mail, such as [email protected].

The Contact E-mail Address field is where you enter the e-mail address for the primary point-of-contact for the Brother Authorized Partner Program. This e-mail will be used for communications and updates regarding your application. Also, we will set up this e-mail as the first username for your company to access the Brother Partner Portal.

Yes. Although we recommend that you enter a different Contact E-mail Address due to the sensitivity of the information sent to this e-mail, we will accept entries with the same e-mail address for the two fields.

Sometimes, companies do business under one or more different names. DBA stands for “Doing Business As.” DBAs are also known as “trade names,” ”fictitious names” or “assumed names.” If your company has one or more DBAs, we are asking that you provide us with that information, so we can better serve and support you.
No. You do not need a transactional website. However, we do require your company to maintain a fully functional website.

An e-mail address using a domain owned by your company. Example: [email protected]

We will not accept applications with e-mail addresses from free personal e-mail providers, such as Gmail and Yahoo.
No. Unfortunately, we will only approve your company to become a Brother Authorized Partner with a commercial e-mail address. Free personal e-mail providers (e.g., Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) will not be accepted.
It is your sales personnel who reach and interact with customers by phone, online or via mail, rather than meeting them in person.
It is your sales personnel who reach and interact with customers in person.
We do not require you to provide historical information only. You can answer with an estimate.

Small/Medium Business: Businesses with 499 or less employees

Enterprise/Corporate: Businesses with 500 or more employees