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Brother Electronic Controlled Programmable Sewing Machine with Vision Camera System JJB


Brother Electronic Controlled Programmable Sewing Machine with Vision Camera System JJB

Industrial Sewing & Embroidery

About the Product

Sew patches, emblems and other items to uniforms, athletic apparel, home décor and more — faster and more easily than you ever thought possible. With the Brother Vision Sewing System, the camera alignment system does the hard work for you!

Main Features

  • Increase production speed. Capable of sewing at speeds of over 2,600 spm.
  • Easily sew most shapes and sizes. This system is able to sew a series of letters or numbers in a single operation.
  • Deskill the operation. Place the fabric and the object to be applied (patch, label, etc.) onto the machine and the integrated digital camera takes a photo of the set up. The system then analyzes the image and defines the perimeter of the applied item. Using preset stitch specifications, the system then automatically generates a stitch pattern and proceeds to create a sew pattern along the edge of the object.
  • Provide consistent quality. The user can select specific stitch types such as straight or zigzag before the operation begins. Other specifications such as stitch pitch (length), width and over-sew can also be preset ahead of time, along with offset patterns, which allows the pattern to be made inside or away from the perimeter edge.
  • Get the perfect stitch. Fully sew objects that have both inside and outside borders


Application Medium Materials, Heavy Materials
Maximum Sewing Speed 2,600 spm


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