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Having high quality output and reliable technology performance in food servicing and restaurants is key to ensuring customer satisfaction, while improving your bottom line.

Smart Print Management Designed for Food Servicing & Restaurants

As the nation continues to weather the pandemic, restaurant and food servicing operators remain focused on improving daily operations, while also addressing safety measures and providing a seamless customer experience. Brother offers reliable, high quality document management technology and solutions to improve operations and address safety precaution mandates.

Protect Customer Information

Securing sensitive customer data and confidential information is a top priority for restaurant owners and food service operators. Theft of personal information such as credit card data is growing, and cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Brother printers, MFPs and scanners offer triple layer security features that can help ensure the security of sensitive documents, devices and networks – and protect customer information from internal and external security threats.

Accelerate Workflow and Increase Accuracy

Brother offers print and capture solutions that convert paper documents and images so that you can easily store, organize, retrieve, and share information with others. This helps facilitate communication and collaboration throughout your restaurant and between different locations, which helps save time, reduce human error, increase productivity, and improve document workflow.

Why Brother? Brother can help your restaurant / food servicing business:

Print On-Demand / Address Safety Concerns

Reliably print on-demand items at virtually any location, enabling you to immediately print disposable, single-use menus to help address state safety mandates. Single-use menus can be easily updated for daily specials and recycled after each use.

Generate Accurate, Real-Time Labels

Brother offers labeling solutions that allow you to print labels from virtually anywhere and from a variety of devices / platforms for applications such as QR code menus, payment, made / ready / discard (MRD) labels, delivery orders, and more.

Capture & Share Information

Brother’s solutions-based products and applications allow you to capture documents such as reports, schedules, catering orders, and human resources documents and send or share information.


In today’s environment and shifting economy, restaurants are required to do more with less. Brother offers the technology and tools to help restaurants and food servicing businesses meet monetary challenges with high quality, feature-rich products that increase productivity.

Labeling Solutions for Restaurants / Food Servicing

Made-to-order food, in-store pickup, mobile orders, and deliveries have become a much larger part of the mix for restaurants. Generating accurate, real-time labels from a variety of devices and software platforms is a critical part of the equation. Brother is "at your side" with affordable, on-demand label printing solutions to help meet your restaurant labeling needs. Provide simple integration with your POS system using Brother software integration tools, while ensuring consistency and accuracy on every label.

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