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P-touch® Editor Software
What labeling software is provided with my Brother Label Printers? All Brother Label Printers come with the practical but powerful P-touch® Editor label creation software that allows users to make customized labels for address labels, file folders, and CD/DVD.
What are the features found on the software and the benefits they offer? The software includes the following:
  • P-touch® Editor
  • P-touch® Library
  • P-touch® Add-in
  • P-touch® Address Book
P-touch® Editor label creation software
What is the P-touch® Editor? This is powerful label design software that allows users to create a wide variety of professional looking custom labels.
What is the benefit of using this software to create labels? The software makes it easy to use and design customized labels. The benefits of using this software include:
  • Convenient built-in templates to design labels on a variety of built-in predefined sizes or to determine your own label size.
  • Easy to incorporate graphics, logos, fonts and other files found on the users PC.
  • Flexible printing quantity – print one, a few or hundreds on demand easily.
P-touch® Editor Software P-touch® Editor Software
P-touch® Library
What is the P-touch® Library? P-touch® Library is an application users can use to organize labels into folders for easy storage and retrieval.
What is the benefit of having the P-touch® library? This feature provides users with added convenience and helps them save time as regularly used labels do not have to be recreated.
Microsoft® Add-in Feature (For Windows only)
What is the Microsoft® Add-in Feature? This feature allows for seamless integration with popular software packages such as Microsoft Word®, Excel®, and Outlook®. Information in files created in these software packages can be copied and added directly into the label creation software.

(Please see software add-ins for more information).
What are the benefits of the Microsoft® Add-in? This feature allows for data to be imported or copied directly into the label software from the various applications. This is a time saving feature that ensures users do not have to re-type in the data and is convenient for sending out mail to large groups of people.
P-touch® Address Book
What is the benefit of the P-touch® Address Book? The P-touch® Address Book is a perfect tool for creating a database of contact names for users who do not already have a current contact management tool or database set up.
Brother P-touch® Printer Driver
What is a printer driver? This is the software that allows your computer to recognize and print to the Brother Label Printer. This ensures that users can output documents using that type of printer.
Benefits of the Brother P-touch® Printer Driver? The Brother Label Printer driver links seamlessly to your current computer and software system to allow for easy printing of labels. Users can also check the tape status (e.g. is there a tape cartridge in the machine, tape amount remaining, tape width, errors, etc.) of P-touch® machines that are connected to the network.
P-touch® Editor label creation software by model
Which version of software does each Brother Label Printer use?

QL-500 QL-570 QL-650TD QL-1050 QL-1060N
P-touch® Editor for Windows
P-touch® Editor ver. 5.0   Y     Y
P-touch® Editor ver. 4.2 Y   Y Y  
P-touch® Editor for Mac
P-touch® Editor ver. 5.0   Y     Y
P-touch® Editor ver. 3.2 Y   Y Y