Garland with wrapped around jar with Ptouch Embellish ribbons

Wood Bead Fall Table Garland


  • P-touch Embellish (PT-D215e)
  • P-touch Embellish Gold on Navy Blue Satin Ribbon ~1/2” (TZe-RN34)
  • Scissors
  • Assorted artificial leaves
  • Wooden Beads in an assortment of sizes
  • Jute rope or jute twine
  • Glue craft sticks
  • Heat Gun
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint in the colors or your choice (we went with gold, orange, gray and navy blue)
Craft supplies with Ptouch label maker, hot glue gun and rope

Step 1

Measure how long you would like your garland to be. I would leave some room on either end to tie a finishing knot and cut to that length.

Paint pallet next to painted beads

Step 2

Next, we are going to paint our assorted wood beads. We like to follow a color pattern as well as a size patten but feel free to get creative and do your own thing! Set aside to dry.

Hands tying Ptouch Embellish ribbon in a bow

Step 3

Insert your ~1/2” Gold on Navy Blue ribbon cartridge into the back of your machine. This is for your ribbon on each end of the garland.

  • Clear your machine before you start, or it will use the previous setting you had.
  • Press the Ribbon button and then toggle over to #2 and hit OK. The feature prints the same message on either end of the ribbon.
  • Type out your message, we went with some simple (The Brookeshire Family) but feel free to put whatever you like. It could always be a gift for someone as well.
  • After your type your message hit ok, and now you will set the length. You want it to be long enough to tie a bow. We went with 15“, hit ok and the ok one more time to print, here you can choose how many prints you would like, and we need 2 so toggle to 2 and then OK.
  • Cut the two ribbons apart and you are ready to assemble your tassels.

Rope tassel on white background

Step 4:

Take your rope and cut about 11 - 8” pieces. You’re going to keep one piece to the side to tie your tassel together.

  • Fold the 10 pieces of rope in half, take your extra piece of rope and tie a knot around the middle of the bundle, this will hold it together.
  • Next take the end of that rope and wrap the reminder around your bundle leaving a loop at the center. (See image)
  • You will do this twice!

Garland tassel with leaf and Ptouch Embellish ribbon

Step 5:

Dress up your tassels with your custom bows and some festive leaves.

Person affixing Ptouch Embellish ribbon to tassel and garland string

Step 6:

Assemble your beads onto your rope and tie off the ends so you don’t lose any. Add your tassels to the either end and your have just completed a beautiful fall garland to show off or gift! Share your personalized projects using #ptouchembellish


  • Feel free to use any Font, Style or Symbols you woud like, make it personal.
  • You can add fun frames with the Frame key and scroll through till you find the perfect one.
  • Remember to always clear your machine before you start a new project, or it will use the setting that you set with your last one.
  • All of the symbols and frames are shown in the included product guide
  • You can find the “!” by holding down Shift and the #1