P-touch Labeling for Organizing, Personalizing & Crafting DIY Projects

Need some help getting organized or some inspiration for entertaining, crafting personalizing ideas? See how others are using P-touch label makers to a variety of organizing, entertaining, crafting and other fun projects.

Entertaining DIY Project

Add an extra touch of creativity and clarity to your next get-together with a P-touch labeler.


DIY Projects

Transform your bathroom into a personal spa with some quick and easy organization projects with your P-touch label maker.
Whether it’s for the home, the office, or the home office, you can easily corral all your cables with P-touch TZe tapes for a neat and organized space.
Cable Management
Organize your crafting supplies and cut down on clutter so you can focus on creating beautiful and inspiring projects.
Add an extra touch of creativity and clarity to your next get-together with a P-touch labeler.Entertaining
Before you head out to the great outdoors, make sure all of your gear is clearly labeled to avoid mixups.
Prepare and protect your household from unforeseen events with a well-labeled emergency kit.
Emergency Kit
Keep track of all of your important documents with the help of your P-touch label maker.
Don't get stuck in the dark because of a confusing fuse box. Use labels to simplify your home.
Fuse Box
Need an organized way to keep track of your holiday purchases? Look no further.
Holiday Gift Tracker
The holidays can be a busy and stressful time of year. Help keep track of all of your activities with this hand holiday to-do board.
Holiday To Do Board
Easily personalize your face mask with P-touch Fabric Iron-on Tape.
Make sure every folder, binder and backpack makes it home.
Don't get your gear mixed up with your teammates. All it takes is one quick label to make sure your equipment comes home in the right hands.
Your tech can be tricky... and expensive. Help stay on top of all of your gear with helpful labels.
Make the most of your garage space by finding a home for all your tools, sports equipment, and whatever else you forgot was hiding in there.Garage
Step your gardening game up a notch with perfectly labeled plants.
Organize and simplify your home with the help of P-touch labels. Household
The junk drawer... everyone has one. Luckily, P-touch labels are here to help organize your chaos. Junk Drawer
Achieve pantry perfection with the help of your P-touch label maker.
Kitchen Storage
Whether you're looking to control your portions or just keep track of what's in the fridge and freezer, P-touch labels can help add clarity to your kitchen.
Meal Prep
Whether you are getting ready for a big move or some Spring cleaning, a P-touch label maker can help organize the process.Storage
Minimize baggage claim confusion with well-labeled suitcases and bags. Travel

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Brother Genuine Label Maker Supplies & Accessories

Brother offers labeling supplies in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes designed to work with P-touch label makers. AC adapters, protective carrying cases and other accessories are available for select models.

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