How to Select the Right Machine for your Business

I remember when I got my 1st sewing machine; I was so excited to get started working on my business. I bought an easy entry-level machine that had all the basic stitches. As I worked on my business, I noticed that my machine was not equipped for my projects. It would jam quite often while working on heavy-duty projects, so you could imagine how frustrating this is while trying to stay efficient. Eventually, my entry-level machine broke down, and I had to run out and get a new one to finish my order. I went through a couple of machines before making it to my Brother combo Sewing and embroidery machine. I would like to share some tips for you when looking for the right sewing machine for your business.

When starting a business, it can be overwhelming to choose a suitable machine. You don't want to start with an advanced machine because you don't know if you will stick with this long-term. As you work in your business, you will pivot based on your customer's wants and needs. I recommend purchasing an intermediate machine and here's why - As you begin your business, you will quickly gain experience seeing what works and what doesn't. When this happens, you will see the necessary components you need to help run your business. Starting with a moderate-level machine will save you time and money in the long run as it will push you to grow your skills sooner rather than later. Plus, you'll have more features to that machine than you would with an entry-level machine. Lastly, when you are ready to upgrade your machine, you can always keep your old machine as an archive to go back to if an emergency arises with your newer machine.

Overall, you don't need a fancy machine to start your business, but you will need a sewing machine that will grow with you and your business. That's why I love my Brother Embroidery and Sewing machine. I find it easy to use due to the additional stitches and features. I can grow my skills and introduce my customers to new offerings like personalization. It's compact for small spaces, especially when I lived in a hotel room, and the overall experience with the machine is like no other.*

by: Daniela Tabois

*Note from Brother: Your local Brother dealer can help you select the machine that is right for you!

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