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For the modern bride looking for something unique to wear on her wedding day, meet Brooklyn-based designer and Brother sewing machine devotee Daniela Tabois. Daniela is an online bridal shop owner that creates handcrafted luxury bridal jumpsuits and dazzling sequin pieces. But when the global pandemic hit, Daniela and her Brother machine quickly shifted to provide stylish handmade face masks with personalization and glamour. Hear her story and be inspired!

What I love about my Brother machine is how easy it is to use right out of the box. Seriously, the built-in LCD screen shows me the type of options that are available to use with a push of a button, and I can easily switch from sewing to embroidery in a matter of seconds. What’s not to love?
Daniela Tabois

Samples of My Work

Tips and Tricks

Lace bridal gown

How to Select the Right Machine for Your Business

By: Daniela Tabois

Bow wrapped gift with card

Selling Your Handmade Products Online

By: Daniela Tabois

My machine is like my assistant; I can take it anywhere and have the option to sew and/or embroidery for any order. It also expanded my business to allow unique customization for when my customers want some personalization for gift giving or special events. Because of how quickly I can start my task, this helps me be more efficient in my business.
Daniela Tabois
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