Success in social media is all about networking. If you want to be successful in this field, it’s all in who you know. I’m sure this isn't the first time you heard this, but it is truer than ever on social media. An expression that I like to tell people is: “Get to know people who know people.” When it comes to social media, there are people who you will need to know who hold the keys to opportunities you may want to gain. Get to know those people!

So, how do we do that? When networking, there is a proper way to go about it. When you try to make connections, the first thing to remember is to be genuine. Introduce yourself and support the person's work. Do it because you actually like their work. Don't comment and ‘like’ something just because you want to gain something from that person. Eventually, you'll get tired of this when you realize you're not going to get anywhere. Networking takes time. So, take your time to build relationships. Over time, the relationship will develop trust and you'll be able to gain access.

In the process of networking, it’s important not to burn bridges. Once you have connected with someone, continue to build that relationship. Nurture the relationship and be there as a resource if the other person ever needs anything.

Networking, for me, has been the key to my success as an influencer. Getting the chance to build relationships with my favorite influencer friends and brands has been the best thing that has ever happened to my business. Without networking, my business would not succeed. Gaining a large following means nothing if you don't know how to network. Remember, this is social media. Get out there and be social.

by: Tabitha Sewer

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