Selling your Handmade Products Online

In this age of social media, you need a following to sell your products. I found that selling my handmade products online and then using social media as a follow-up was the best way to grow my business. I use platforms like Etsy, which has a built-in customer base that is interested in handmade products. I list my products on Etsy, and when I sold a handmade product of mine, it was my time to shine with my first impression. When my customer got their order, I made sure to include a handwritten note thanking them for shopping at my store. I also included several business cards that have my social media info. I encourage them to share this with their friends, ask them to provide feedback on their experience and share pictures of them wearing it on social media. This grew my business tremendously, with my customers sharing their photos on social media platforms like Instagram. With this great kind of info, I increased my following. I believe a great first impression is crucial in helping a customer decide if they want to come back and shop your store or share it with their friends. It's essential to communicate your brand identity at any chance you get to grow your business.

Once I had them as a follower on my social media, I would share the behind-the-scenes process of making my products, and I promote exclusive products that can only be purchased on my main website. I constantly update them on any new and upcoming products and repost customers loving my product. I think this method is good for designers or makers who are starting with little to no following.

by: Daniela Tabois

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