Valentine's Day Mailbox

Remember when you were in school and Valentine’s Day comes around, you got a ton of cards and candy from your Valentine? That feeling of having so many warm and loving wishes makes our hearts melt. You can recreate that wonderful feeling by creating your own Valentine Mailbox with the help of the P-touch Embellish.

This is a fun project for the whole family. Each person can decorate their own Valentine’s Day Mailbox and you can leave cards and candy for them to fill up the mailbox.


Step 1:

Wrap the square cardboard box with wrapping paper and tape it along the inside to hide the blemish.

Step 2:

Cut the front of the cereal box. Measure the width of the cereal box to fit over the square box like a roof. Wrap the cereal box with the same wrapping paper. Use hot glue to hold the roof in place.

Step 3:

Use the P-touch Embellish ribbon and tape printer to create a personalized message for your mailbox. 

  1. For “Hailey’s Mailbox”, insert the berry pink with white tape in the machine. Select Font, scroll to Helsinki, adjust size to large, width is normal and style is normal. To print, hit the Feed button 3 times, print the message and feed the tape 3 times again. This helps center the message with plenty of extra tape on the ends. Tape that message to the top of the mailbox.
  2. Create a pattern to decorate the mailbox. For the heart loops, select Pattern, chose the 20/25 pattern. Select the 8” length and print.
  3. Use the red with black text tape to create a line of XOXO message. Font is Calgary and print 14” long. Tape this to the roof of the mailbox. Add more contrasting tape like the berry pink with white tape.
  4. To select the XOXO banner pattern, select the Pattern button, find the design (7/15) and write out the text XOXO. Print 8 inches in length on pink with gold text ribbon. Glue the ribbon along the top edges of the mailbox.
  5. For the “Show Some Love In Exchange for Some Hugs” message, select the Atlanta font. Print 8”and tape it on the box.

Step 4:

Continue to use the ribbon and tape to decorate as much as you like around the mailbox

Step 5:

Cut hearts using the glitter cardstock to add more love to the decoration.

Step 6:

The best part is after the mailbox is completed! Now you can start writing sweet messages to your Valentine and drop it in the mailbox.







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