Terracotta Scarecrow

This fall, get creative with personalized decorations using the Brother P-touch Embellish Decorative Ribbon and Tape Printer.  We love how this not-so-scary scarecrow is so incredibly easy to make and personalize for a fun decoration. Show us how you personalized your happy terracotta scarecrow using #ptouchembellish on social media!


Step 1:

Begin by hot gluing a bit of crafting straw hay to the bottom of one terracotta pot.

Step 2:

Glue the bottom of the other terracotta pot to the bottom of the first terracotta pot.

Step 3:

Glue braided crafting straw to the sides of the top terracotta pot.

Step 4:

Add extra crafting straw hay to the open terracotta pot on the top. Add fabric fall leaves for extra decoration.

Step 5:

Measure out and cut enough burlap to cover the sides of the top terracotta pot. Glue the measured burlap to the face of the top terracotta pot.

Step 6:

Add googly eyes to the surface on the burlap part of the top terracotta pot. Glue jute twine under the eyes to form a happy smile on your scarecrow.

Step 7:

For added decoration, you can add a burlap patch to the body of the scarecrow. We also made a little bow tie out of yarn and glued it to our scarecrow. 

Step 8:

Next, using the braided crafting straw, cut the desired length for legs. Glue the legs to the bottom half of the terracotta pot.

Step 9:

Insert  ½” (.47”) Red Satin Ribbon with Gold Text  into your Brother  P-touch Embellish Ribbon & Tape Printer. Select the “Font” button on your P-touch Embellish machine and scroll until you see the “Florida” font. Select “OK.” Write your personalized message. We typed out “Sarah’s First Fall”. Select the “Frame” button. Scroll until you see number “36”, which is the leaves and tree frame. Select “OK.” When you are finished, select the “Print” button.


Step 10:

Glue your ribbon to the bottom of the lower terracotta pot.

Step 11:

Last, enjoy your new, personalized fall decoration!


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