Keep Your Head in the Game: AiRScouter Head Mounted Displays

The AiRScouter is a uniquely adjustable HD head mounted display that puts your video and data where it’s most convenient: right in front of your eye! [1]

AirScouter HD

Experience High Definition Where It’s Most Convenient

AiRScouter puts a bright and crisp 720p HD screen where it’s most convenient: right in front of your eye. The virtual screen size is comparable to that of a 19” monitor, and the built-in diopter lets you adjust the focus from 12” to infinity. Unlike an external monitor or an electronic viewfinder (EVF), the head mounted display can be used at nearly any angle and in almost any condition, even in bright sunlight, without requiring cumbersome hoods or special lenses.

Drone pilot wearing an AiRScouter WD-300C headset over sunglasses

A Solution That Adjusts to Fit You

AiRScouter is a tool that adjusts to fit you, so you can add it to your toolkit without changing how you work. Its flexible arm design lets you position the display over your left or right eye, and it works with glasses or sunglasses. The adjustable focus helps fine-tune the image to your eyesight and minimize eyestrain as you shift your gaze between the screen and your surroundings. A removable eye cup (included with some models) isolates the display when the task or environment calls for it.

AiRScouter WD-330C control box connected to a camera system using an SDI cable

Connect Seamlessly to Your Existing Equipment

With standard HDMI and SDI inputs, AiRScouter connects seamlessly to your existing gear without a need for proprietary apps or hardware. These inputs are also compatible with third-party wireless video receivers if you want to extend your range. AiRScouter’s HDMI models are compatible with a wide range of prosumer and commercial drone controllers. AiRScouter can be powered externally through a standard micro-USB port, making it compatible with most USB batteries and accessory power outputs.

Gimbal operator walking up a set of stairs while wearing an AiRScouter WD-330C

Work Safer by Keeping Your Eyes on the Task at Hand

AiRScouter helps you work more safely by placing your display within your field of vision. You don’t have to take your eyes away from your surroundings, as your gaze no longer needs to follow your screen as you move. Camera and gimbal operators, for example, can watch where they’re walking at the same time they frame moving shots, and drone operators gain a unique ability to fly in first-person view while they still comply with FAA Part 107 regulations on maintaining visual line-of-sight.

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