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Brother offers solutions for federal, state and local governments to help simplify the effective management, storage, and retrieval of important documents and information.

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Smart Print Management Designed for Government

No matter where your government agency is on the road to digital transformation, paper documents continue to be part of the government workflow. The challenge is integrating paper and digital content, while also streamlining daily operations. Brother offers the technology, solutions and expertise to make a measurable difference in optimizing print environments, while meeting the increasing demands for compliance, security, and reliability.

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On-Demand Ballot Printing and Marking Solution

As ballot printing is a high volume, short turnaround time process, confidence in the capacity, reliability, and security of ballot printing devices is imperative. Brother provides secure and cost-effective on-demand ballot printing and marking technology to help you create, produce, and deliver high-quality, accurate ballots. The HL-L6400DWVS Brother Workhorse Series laser printer allows you to print up to 14” ballots from the standard paper tray. The VST-6000 optional extended paper tray can be added for automatic duplex printing up to 22” ballots. This Brother solution works in conjunction with select voting systems and software.

Digital Transformation

Facilitate Digital Transformation

Brother provides products and solutions with cutting-edge mobile device and web-based features that make it easy to connect, print and share important information virtually anytime, anywhere – quickly, easily and securely. Enable seamless data capture of reports, records, contracts, and more. Transform paper-based materials to digital documents and enable online sharing via computers, mobile devices, or the cloud. Leverage Kofax ControlSuite within select Brother printers and MFPs for best-in-class document capture, print management and output management capabilities, as well as additional key benefits in support of digital transformation initiatives.

Why Brother? Brother can help your government agency:

Custom UI Government
Maintain Compliance & Security

Brother devices offer advanced security features to help protect against security threats. Icons can be removed from the User Interface to eliminate access to a feature. Predefined icons also reduce the risk of documents accidentally being sent to the wrong destination.

Capture Information
Capture & Share Information

Brother solutions-based products and applications allow you to capture documents and send or share critical information whenever and wherever needed.

Reduce Costs
Help Reduce

Right size your print and capture environment to meet your agency’s workflow, budget and facilities requirements. Get a fiscally responsible investment and performance you can monitor and trust.

Manage Mobile Workforce
Manage a Mobile and Telework Workforce

Print from and scan to virtually all the major mobile devices1, operating systems and popular business cloud services2, allowing for business continuity and collaboration among remote work environments.

court system solutions

Solutions for Court Systems

Court systems are challenged to do more with less while adjusting to data privacy rules and shrinking budgets. Brother provides secure and fiscally responsible printing and scanning solutions that are commonly used in court systems at all levels around the country. We will work with you to create customized solutions to the workflow challenges throughout your court system to help ensure an effective, efficient and responsive environment is created for all parties that rely on court information.

Barcode Scanning

Scanning, saving and renaming multiple documents, such as case files, depositions or evidence, can be time consuming and prone to human error. Brother’s Barcode Utility value service enables documents that have a barcode or QR code to be scanned, saved and filed using structured workflows and document routing technology.  Save time, improve security and reduce errors in job separation, file renaming or folder/destination filing.

Designed to Help Protect the Environment

Government agencies need environmentally preferable products to help support greener initiatives. As a result, organizations are often mandated to source products that help reduce energy consumption, emissions, landfill waste and noise. Brother helps supports these initiatives throughout the entire lifecycle of our products. Many of our printers and MFPs are EPEAT® rated and meet ENERGY STAR® specifications, so they will consume less energy throughout their useful lives, helping government agencies reduce their overall environmental impact.

Brother Workhorse Printers and All-in-Ones

The Brother Workhorse Series includes a wide portfolio of printers and all-in-ones that range from robust, high-volume devices for enterprise and mid to large-sized workgroups, to compact printers that are ideal for small offices and corporate work from home.

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