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Spark some inspiration and have a laugh with our series of labeling videos below.

Labeling Do’s and Don’ts Pt. 1

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Labeling Do’s & Don’ts Pt. 2

Some things are better left unlabeled. Enjoy a lighthearted look at some more labeling Do’s and Don’ts.

:30 Truth in Labeling: Healthcare

Labels are a big part of how hospitals and medical practices stay organized. Here’s a fun look at some healthcare labeling situations that might be just a little too *honest*.

:30 Truth in Labeling: Education

Educational institutions use labels. Lots and lots of labels. Imagine what might happen if they used them to say what they were *really* thinking.

:30 Truth in Labeling: Retail

Many retailers use labels in myriad ways that are essential to their business. Here’s a playful look at what might happen if they were a little too *sincere* with their labeling.

:30 Truth in Labeling: Restaurants

Restaurants use labels day in and day out for to-go orders, kitchen supplies, signage, food containers, and more. Enjoy this comedic look at what you might see if these labels were a little too *honest*.

:30 Truth in Labeling: Banking

Banks, credit unions, and financial institutions of all types use labels to organize their workspaces. But might you see if some of these labels were a little too frank?

:30 Truth in Labeling: Government

Government offices, municipalities, police departments, and court systems are filled with labeled files, drawers, devices, signage, and more. Enjoy this amusing look at what you might see if it was OK to be *witty* with these labels.

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Case Studies

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